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HF Propagation


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160m Projects - Transmitters

Klik voor vergrotingA Simple Modular DSB TX by GMØRWU
The simplest way of getting on the air with phone is to convert a single transistor crystal controlled TX into an AM transmitter by putting a carbon mike in series with the poer supply. A more elegant approach is to use DSB.

Clickt oe enlargeLM317 Transmitter by SMØVPO
A few years ago I built myself an HF CW QRP transmitter, based upon an LM317T voltage regulator chip!!!.

Click to enlargeOne transister topband transmitter by MØEZP
Back in the 70s, I remember my friend Richard G4EIE building a one-transistor transmitter for 160m. It comprised a BFY51 transistor, crystal, L-C tuned circuit, a resistor, a couple more capacitors and a carbon microphone.

Click to enlargeThe VK1SV classy Class-E 160 m AM transmitter by VK1SV/SV1DET
I will document here my adventures in the Class-E land. For those not familiar with this excellent and easy technique for producing high power extremely efficiently, there is no better introduction than the Class-E RF Power Amplifiers paper, by Nathan O. Sokal, WA1HQC.

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