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HF Propagation


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160m Projects - Antennas

Click to enlarge160/80m Coaxial Receiving Loops by KC2TX
Several years ago a friend of mine (W7AE)(sk) and myself became interested in low band dxing. Lacking room for a beverage receiving antenna, we constructed several loop receiving antennas.

Click to enlarge160m Dipole Antenna by W5JGV
It's been a few months since Bonnie (KB5YSE) and I moved to our new home in Natchitoches, Louisiana. We relocated here about a year after hurricane Katrina substantially rearranged our lives. We managed to retire and plan to spend a lot of tine doing all the things we have always wanted to do, but never quire seemed to find the time to do.

160m Elevated Fibreglass Vertical Antenna by G3SZU
The radial coil tap needs to be selected to suit the particular location. Elevating the antenna & radials by 1-2 metres should help to reduce loses.

Klik voor vergroting160m Short Vertical Loft Antenna by G3XBM
This is a very small vertical 160m antenna that fits in the loft of even my small house. It was built as a way of getting a signal out on 160m for local AM contacts, but the local noise level was far too high to allow it to be used at night for this purpose. However, on WSPR it did a pretty good job with WSPR spots from a very long way across Europe being received when running 2.5W out.

160m Top Band End Fed Antenna by G3YEU
The first 6ft (1.8m) of 100ft (30.5m) end-fed is insulated for safety. The antenna is sported by a 22ft (6.7m) central support and a 12ft (3.66) end support.

160 m Top Band Inverted “L” Antenna by G8ODE
The Garden is 57ft (17.4m) wide, the garage LHS is 30ft (91.15m) deep and the RHS is 35ft deep i.e. too small for a 160m dipole. By zigzagging the antenna a horizontal wire of about 33m can be accommodated.

Click to enlarge80m Inverted-L Antenna (Base-loaded for 160m) by MŘEZP
My coaxial-dipole would just about tune up on 160m but its replacement, a standard 40m half-wave dipole wouldn’t. Given the small size of my garden even a long wire contorted with lots of bends wouldn’t easily fit.

Click to enlargeA portable vertical antenna for 160m by G6GVI
Having had some success with "short" (8ft-long!) mobile aerials for ground-wave contacts on 160m, I was intrigued by the idea of making something a little larger for portable use.

Click to enlargeA Practical Antenna for 160 Metres by G3YCC
This aerial is one I have used for top band (160 metres) - it was suggested to me by Alan G4ERZ, also of Hull.

Click to enlargeA Simple Loop Aerial for 160/80 by G3YXM
The idea of this 160/80mtr aerial is that the tuning and matching components are kept out of the weather and within reach of the operator. If this sort of arrangement would fit your situation it's worth a try.

Click to enlargeEH Antenna for 160mt by IZ7ATH
The Hart EH Antenna consists of two (2) elements having a natural capacity between them.

Click to enlargeInverted-L for 80m & 160m by ON7EQ
The antenna is inspired on the 'Battlecreek Special' design, but then limited to 80 and 160m (no 40m section). It is a further development of the 80m full size GPA described on another page of my site, allowing dual band operation.

Click to enlargeMagnetic Loop for 160M by HB9MTN
Page (and Antenna) under construction!

Click to enlargeMF low-noise receiving loop by G6GVI
Following recent discussions with local stations about "quiet" receiving antennas for 160m, I dug out a small multi-turn which I'd built some years ago. This is a half-size copy of one which I made for Clive M0VCF to use at his QTH in Bristol.

Click to enlargeMy slopers for 80 and 160 Mt by IK4DCS
As for all long-wire antennas also these that I am going to describe arevery simple but incredibly efficient. I actually discovered this type of antenna owing to some problems with available space around my house.

Clcik to enlargeNew LF / MF Loop/A> by VE7SL
The new 'loop' is not really loop-shaped but is rectangular (10' x 20') and more like a Flag antenna shape. I considered a Flag but really don't need any back-end nulling capability since I'm mainly interested in listening to the east and to the north.

Click to enlargeReceiving Loop Aerials for 1.8 MHz by VK5BR
Localised noise in the receiver can be reduced by using a small loop aerial. Shielded coax loops, unshielded loops and ferrite rod loops for 1.8 Mhz have been compared here.

Click to enlargeShoddytenna 160m portable antenna by VK3YE
Described here is a lightweight vertical, based around a squid pole, that can be erected in under 20 minutes.

Click to enlargeShortened 160 meter vertical by PI4CC
Mobile operators and those who reside on property of city-lot size should find the author's treatment of physically shortened 160-meter vertical antennas of considerable interest.

Click to enlargeThe 40/80/160 Meter Coil-loaded Inverted V Dipole Antenna by KGŘZZ
This coil-loaded inverted V dipole antenna is a resonate antenna that does not require the use of an antenna tuner. It will work all of the 40 meter band plus a portion of the 80 and 160 meter bands.

Click to enlargeTop Fed 1/4 wave length Linear Loaded Vertical by KE4UYP
This is a vertically and horizontally polarized antenna the Linear loaded 1/4 wave length vertical radiator introduces very little loss.

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