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HF Propagation


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80m Projects - Dipole Antennas

Click to enlarge80m Antenna for small gardens by G7FEK
46ft multi-band antenna for small gardens by g7fek. Works well on 80m. An excellent DX performer and is an ideal replacement for your half size G5RV...

Click to enlarge80m Cobra Doublet by MPZT
My current HF aerial is something that could be called an 80m Linear-Loaded Doublet known in the USA as a Cobra due to the snaking of the wires. In total, its around 18m of wire per leg folded 3 times and fed with 300-ohm balanced feeder. The overall flat-top length is 12m so able to fit into a typical UK garden (such as mine).

Click to enlarge80m Short Dipole by 4S7NR
I have nothing much to write. Every one of us can't have a full size 80m dipole (even me). This is not good as a full size one, but it is much better than no antenna. HI!

Click to enlarge80 mtrs Short Mid-Loaded Dipoles by N4SPP
The longest dipole that I can fit on my terrace, albeit with a dog leg between the dipole halves, is 2 x 10 m (2x 33 ft), i.e., about wavelength. As always, I use a choke balun in series with the coax.

Click to enlargeA Short Dipole for 80m by 4S7NR
The antenna above has been described by Nadisha, 4S7NR and may be of interest to anyone wishing to get on 80M (3.5MHz) that have limited space available. L1 is 12 feet. L2 also is 12 feet and the overall length is 48 feet.

Klik voor vergrotingCoil-loaded 40/80 Meter Inverted V Dipole Antenna by KGZZ
This 40 and 80 meter inverted V antenna is made with loading coils. It is a full size antenna on 40 meters and a shortened 80 meter antenna.

Click to enlargeDares 80 Meter Antenne door PE1KQP
Dit antenne ontwerp is robuust, goedkoop, snel op te bouwen en daardoor zeer geschikt voor DARES activiteiten. Er is geen antennetuner nodig want de SWR is bij juiste afstelling altijd beter dan 1.5 door het variren van de lengte aan de uiteinden met een M4 boutje en een vleugelmoertje .

Click to enlargeGoedkoop op 80/40 (en 20/10 meter met tuner) zelfbouwdraadantenne door PA3HMP
Vanwege de vele positieve recties heb ik maar wat haast achter het tweede artikel gezet, dit ter meer omdat je beide draadantennes kan combineren en je dus een draadantenne kan maken met in iedere poot twee traps, ...

Half-size G5RV 80m conversion for a small garden by G8ODE
The loading coils and the end wires extend the operation of the half-size G5RV antenna to the 80m band. The end wires should be trimmed for resonance on the required part of the 80m band.

Click to enlargeInverted-U Dipole for 80/40 mtrs by N4SPP
I have tried a number of dipoles for the 80 mtr band on my terrace. Given the size of my terrace, a full-size dipole basically out of the question. For the same reason, installation at a decent height ( > 0.2 λ) is also impossible.

Click to enlargeSpinneweb antenne door PE1KQP
Dit is een verkorte dipool antenne voor alle amateur banden die gevoed wordt door een symmetrische voedingslijn.
Dit verkorten gebeurt door aan het einde van de dipool twee spinnewebspoelen te plaatsen.

Click to enlargeThe 40/80/160 Meter Coil-loaded Inverted V Dipole Antenna by KGZZ
This coil-loaded inverted V dipole antenna is a resonate antenna that does not require the use of an antenna tuner. It will work all of the 40 meter band plus a portion of the 80 and 160 meter bands.

The NJQRP Squirt by N2CX
This reduced-size 80-meter antenna is designed for small building lots and portable use. Its a fine companion for the Warbler PSK31 transceiver.

Click to enlargeTrap dipole for 40 and 80 meter by PA1EJO
A dipole is resonant on one frequency (and all odd harmonics), with a trap you can design it for more frequencies. Here is the trap dipole for 40 and 80m.

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