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HF Propagation


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40m Projects - Amplifiers

Click to enlarge25 watt linear for Dual bands (40/20) by VU2ESE
Homebrewers usually limit themselves to 5 watts or less. Frequently, there is a need to increase the power beyond those few watts. Described is a very simple, very stable amplifier that will provide 25 watts on any two HF bands.

Click to enlarge6AR5 7MHz 1watter linear amplifier by JF1OZL
Many old men said to me that they want to make QSO by the valve-homemade-machine like the old days. I will show you in this page the easiest way to use a home-made-valve-final. Today's rig has the power control system.

Click to enlargeAmplificateur 100W décamétrique avec PL519 de F6CRP
Ayant construit un kit de K2 durant l'hiver 2004, la question de la puissance s'est rapidement posée, trafiquer en QRP c'est amusant et formateur en CW, cela devient vite lassant en SSB sur 40 m tant pour vos correspondants que pour vous-même.

Click to enlargeMiniboots by NB6M
Requests for an “outboard” version of the RF power amplifier used in the 5 Watt Mod for the SMK-1 led me to further research and experimentation which resulted in the amplifier circuit described in my article “A Mosfet QRP Gallon”, published in the Fall, 2000 issue of QRPp, the journal of the NorCal QRP Club.

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