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30m Projects - Transceivers

Click to enlarge"NiceRig" 40-30, 10 MHz CW transceiver 1 watt QRP by PA2OHH
The rig is designed by the NE-QRP club as a club project. The original name for the rig is 40-40, a rig for 40 meters and cost to members was 40 dollar. I made the 40-30 version, indeed for 30 meters.

Click to enlarge10 MHz 2 W CW transceiver by JH1USG


Click to enlarge10 MHz 5 W CW transceiver (DC) by JH1USG


Click to enlarge2N2/30 - A 30 Meter, Discrete Component CW Transceiver by K8IQY
The 2N2/30 claims its heritage from the 2N2/XX platform, but also uses non-2N2222 transistor types and commercial mixers. From the beginning, it was to be a test bed for building with surface mount parts in a Manhattan-style construction environment.

Click to enlarge30m Band - All BJT Transceiver by YO3DAC/VA3IUL
Reason building this radio is to get a real portable QRP transceiver with low power consumption.
On receive, the current consumption is approximately 100mA, and no more than 1.8A in TX mode, at full power.

Click to enlarge 30m QRP transceiver – Part 1 by PA3HCM
This summer I want to go walking in the beautiful highlands of Scotland, together with my wife. The mobile phone coverage in this desolate area is none or poor, but hey… I’m a radio amateur! For a daily “sign of life” I need a lightweight transceiver, and 30m (10.100 – 10.150 MHz) seems to be a perfect band for this purpose.

Click to enlarge 30m QRP transceiver – Part 2 by PA3HCM
Building a stable VFO is challenging. Oscillators tend to drift away due to (very small) temperature fluctuation, or due to small capacitive changes in the direct environment (e.g. the frequency changes when you move your hand towards the oscillator). The VFO used in my 30m QRP transceiver is not different from others, so I had to deal with the same issues.

Click to enlarge 30m QRP transceiver – Part 3 by PA3HCM
Now all LF parts and the VFO were finished, it was time to build the RF-part of the receiver.

Click to enlargeA 30M QRP CW Transceiver built Manhattan Style by WŘPWE
Early in the millennium a group was formed on the QRP-L reflector to promote building equipment using the "Manhattan" style of construction. The effort was called MH101 for Manhattan 101. The idea was to build a 30M transceiver based on the K1SWL SW 30 design.

Click to enlargeHomebrew 30m CW Transceiver by 7N3WVM
This simple receiver was originally intended to check the transmission of my 30m QRSS beacon. By tuning the 30m receiver to Russia's RWM timesignal on exactly 9996kHz I was able to calibrate my frequency counter.

Click to enlargePocket sized 20m (30m) CW QRP Transceiver by S56AL
I started to discover the 30m band by using an adapted version of my 80m single-board CW transceiver. The first impressions were quite encouraging, so I decided to build a portable transceiver for this interesting band.

Click to enlargeSimple 30m Band QRP CW Transceiver by DL2YEO
This simple QRP transceiver for the 30 m band did not result from a detailed requirement profile. I simply had some NE592 broadband amplifiers in my junk box, waiting for an application.

Klik voor vergrotingSW30+ 30 Meter CW Transceiver by K8IQY
This 30 meter CW transceiver was built as part of an internet Manhattan-style construction course conceived and taught by my friend Chuck Adams, K7FO back a few years ago.

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