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HF Propagation


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20m Projects - Transmitters

Click to enlarge14,068 Mhz bilateral transmitter by LY3LP
Some MOSFET's BS170 requires a resistance from source to gate. It should be approx.3kOhm and needed to be individually selected. Coils on ring T37-6 are tuned for resonance , then TX signal is clear.Output power is abt 50mW ,if my power meter shows correctly. It easily lights LED , telegraphing tone also is clear.

Click to enlarge3 stage BS170 14MHz TX by LY3LP

Klik voor vergrotingBilateral 14,096 Mhz TX by LY3LP
G3ESP ideas...a wide range VXO...

Click to enlargeBS 170 FET...two stage QRP 14,068 MHz TX by LY3LP

Click to enlargeBS170 simple 14 Mhz CW TX by LY3LP

Click to enlargeLA1185 QRP 14MHz TX by LY3LP

Click to enlargeParallel BS170 14,068 MHz TX by LY3LP

Click to enlargeQRP AM(cw) Transmitter for the 20 meterband RE-TX02HF20 by ON6MU
In this project, you will make a simple low-power broadcast-type circuit, using a crystal oscillator integrated circuit and an a collector modulated AM oscillator.

Click to enlargeQRP Transmitter with VXO by PA2OHH
Normally these designs have only two transistors. A good example is My first QRP rig that can be found somewhere else on this site. Here the VXO (Variabele X-tal Oscillator) has a tuning range of 16 kHz.

Click to enlargeSA 612 QRP 14MHz TX by LY3LP

Click to enlargeSSB Transmitter by SMØVPO
This project is relatively simple to construct, and will give a "presentable" SSB signal on the lower HF amateur bands.

Click to enlargeSOVINA Transmissor CW Classe "E" por PY2OHH
Baseado nos artigos e projetos do David Cripe NMØS, desenhamos um transmissor simples de CW muito parecido como pão-duro, mas os valores dos componentes são muito proximos do real e nos prototipos de 40 e 20m se comportaram bem.

Click to enlargeStep VFO by SMØVPO
This project has two different inputs, one for 600Hz FSK and one for keying the oscillator. It is based upon a crystal so the HF stability is excellent.

Click to enlargeTunnel diode QRP/p 14 060 Mc TX by LY3LP

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Last update : 18/03/2020 @ 21:02
Category : 20m Projects
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