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HF Propagation


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70cm Projects - Omnidirectional Vertical

Click to enlarge2m/70cm Fietspomp Antenna Voor Binnenshuis door PAFRI
De werking van een fietspompantenne is te vergelijken met dat van een ZEPP antenne. Het kan beschouwd worden als een hele golf (1λ) dipool waarvan de helft (= λ) opgevouwen is.

2m/70cm Gentleman's Walking Stick by W6NBC & W6ND
Walk about freely with this pedestrian-portable antenna. Use it for better coverage at a parade, a bike-a-thon or just on a stroll. Alternately, hang it in a tree or mount it permanently. Its utility will impress you. It is also an ideal low-cost ham radio club project.

Click to enlarge3-band whip antenna 144MHz, 430MHz & 50MHz by JA1HWO
This antenna is structurally simple, but adjustment is surprisingly difficult, so this antenna is for those who are slightly used to it.

Click to enlarge435MHz 1/4λ ground plane tower mounted antenna by VK6YSF
With the view of doing satellite operations with a simple non-steerable antenna a number of antenna designs are being reviewed and many of them will be revisited in search for the optimum simple satellite ground station configuration.

70 Cm J Antenne door PE1KQP
Tijdens de kerstdagen heb ik een J antenne voor de 70 cm band gemaakt van 1.5mm koperdraad om de antennespanningsmeter uit te proberen. Ik had nog een exemplaar liggen van 10mm diameter aluminiumpijp. Die ik als referentie gebruikte.

Click to enlarge70cm bicycle antenna by PA3HCM
During the summer season I sometimes travel to work by bike. I thought it would be nice to chat with some local radio amateurs on my way back home.

70cm Ground Plane Antenna by DL1GSJ
This little aerial was intended to make it easier for me to connect to the local packet-radio digipeater and to work the various phone and multimedia repeaters. Again the design was choosen as portable as possible.

Click to enlargeA Simple 2 m/70 cm Vertical Dipole Antenna by KGZZ
This easy to build dual band VHF/UHF antenna makes a great project for the new ham that is ready to get on the 2 meter and 70 centimeter amateur radio bands.

An Easy Dual-Band VHF/UHF Antenna by KD6GLF
Why settle for the performance your rubber duck antenna offers?
Build this portable J-pole and boost your signal for next to nothing!

Build A 9 dB, 70cm, Collinear Antenna From Coax by N1HFX
Recently the RASON technical committee was repairing our 2 meter repeater antenna. One of the members commented to me that I should write an article about collinear arrays so that we could all build our own.

Home Brew dual band antenna by VE3RGW
Generally speaking, this is a dual band design focused with better performance on UHF. It can satisfy needs on most situation.

Homebrew Coaxial Dipole for VHF or UHF by W6NBC
Heres a base station antenna you can easily build for 146, 220 or 440 MHz.
Performance is equal to a J-pole, but its smaller, less obtrusive and more weatherproof.

VHF/UHF J-Pole Vertical Antenna

Quarter Wave Antenna by ON6MU
Quarter wave vertical antenna's for 2-Meterband, 70cm...

Click to enlargeSlim Jim 433 MHz hand held antenna by LY3LP


The DBJ-1: A VHF-UHF Dual-Band J-Pole by WB6IQN
Searching for an inexpensive, high-performance dual-band base antenna for VHF and UHF? Build a simple antenna that uses a single feed line for less than $10.

Click to enlargeThe simplest dual band antenna for 145 and 431 MHz by IZ3AYQ


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