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HF Propagation


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Antenna Matches - Dummy Loads

Click to enlarge400 Watt Oil-Filled Dummy Load by N4SPP
A dummy load is just one of those standard tools that you need in the shack. It's a load that has a purely resistive impedance of 50 ohms at all frequencies of interest (HF in my case). You don't need to pollute the airwaves while just tuning or testing your transmitter!

Click to enlargeBuilding A RF Dummy Load by VO1PWF
If your doing any home brewing gear for ham radio its a great idea to have a dummy load. This will to your radio be the perfect antenna...it will never radiate but your radio sees a perfect 50 Ohm impedance.

Build a simple HF/VHF 100W dummy load by G4AKE
Every radio amateur should own a dummy load. The one described here is capable of dissipating 100 Watts for short periods of time and provides a low power 50Ω port suitable for connecting a receiver or spectrum analyser for station monitoring.

Click to enlargeDummy load with a 50 Ω stripline (hybrid) resistor. by PAŘFRI
Making a dummy load working well into the UHF region is pretty straightforward if one can obtain a 'stripline' or 'hybrid' resistor.

Oil Filled Dummy Load by AI4JI
This dummy load uses twenty non-inductive resistors in parallel to achieve fifty ohms over a very wide frequency range. The internal components are specially arranged and submerged in oil to dissipate heat and allow extended operation for transmitter tuning, testing and alignments.

QRP Dummy Load by N5ESE
This is another variation on the "parallel resistor" dummy load. This is one I built during my infatuation with copper pipe. It's perfect for QRP HF operation of 5-watts or less average power, and should be adequate for continuous operation at that level. It's light and compact, about 2-1/2" in length overall.

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