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HF Propagation


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40m Projects - Dipole Antennas

40M Travel Dipole (QRP) by ZS6KMD


Click to enlargeA Shortened 7MHz Dipole by GM4JMU
The shortened dipole for 7 mHz was described by Ken GM4JMU in Sprat 74. It is made from insulated wire. The coils are wound on 40mm ferrite as above, with 40 turns of the same wire on 1.5 ins PVC tube.

Klik voor vergrotingCoil-loaded 40/80 Meter Inverted V Dipole Antenna by KGZZ
This 40 and 80 meter inverted V antenna is made with loading coils. It is a full size antenna on 40 meters and a shortened 80 meter antenna. The antenna is resonate on both bands and does not require an antenna tuner.

Click to enlargeDipolo Rotativo per 30/40 Mt da IK4DCS
Dopo aver fatto la verticale per 30/40 mt,e considerandone l'ottimo funzionamento, ho voluto riprendere il discorso del dipolo direttivo, gi visto all'inizio di questa autocostruzione.

Click to enlargeGoedkoop op 40/20 (en 10 meter met tuner) zelfbouwdraadantenne door PA3HMP
Al meer dan 5 jaar geleden heb ik al eens een paar goedkope traps gemaakt en er een klein stukje over op mijn website gezet, met de ontwikkelingen dat de Novice amateurs (binnenkort) op HF mogen leek het me eens een leuk idee om het netjes uit te werken.

Click to enlargeGoedkoop op 80/40 (en 20/10 meter met tuner) zelfbouwdraadantenne door PA3HMP
Vanwege de vele positieve recties heb ik maar wat haast achter het tweede artikel gezet, dit ter meer omdat je beide draadantennes kan combineren en je dus een draadantenne kan maken met in iedere poot twee traps, ...

Click to enlargeInverted-U Dipole for 80/40 mtrs by N4SPP
I have tried a number of dipoles for the 80 mtr band on my terrace. Given the size of my terrace, a full-size dipole basically out of the question. For the same reason, installation at a decent height ( > 0.2 λ) is also impossible.

Click to enlargeShorten Dipole for 10 & 40m. Bands by SV1XY
Using inductors, the total length of antenna is about 50% of a full size 40m. Band Dipole.
The internal part of antenna (2 "A" sections) is a full dipole for 10m Band.

Click to enlargeThe 40 Meter Inverted V Antenna by KGZZ
This 40 meter Inverted V antenna was tested and tuned at a height of 35 feet and proved excellent results. A distance of approximately 80 feet is required to tie off the ends of the antenna. The ends of the antenna are about 11 feet above the ground.

Click to enlargeThe 40/80/160 Meter Coil-loaded Inverted V Dipole Antenna by KGZZ
This coil-loaded inverted V dipole antenna is a resonate antenna that does not require the use of an antenna tuner. It will work all of the 40 meter band plus a portion of the 80 and 160 meter bands.

Klik voor vergrotingThe SHORTYFORTY compact dipole for 40m band by ON7EQ
This antenna is quite critical, so it is important to construct is with utmost care, especially regarding symmetry ! In general, what 'looks nice' will work very well !

Klik voor vergrotingTrap dipole for 40 and 80 meter by PA1EJO
A dipole is resonant on one frequency (and all odd harmonics), with a trap you can design it for more frequencies. Here is the trap dipole for 40 and 80m.

Click to enlargeWire Dipole for 7.05 MHz by DF9CY
For my new antenna system I wanted to have a monoband dipole for the 40m band, which I prefer most of the lower amateur radio band.

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