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HF Propagation


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VLF Projects - Antennas

" ADA" : An Active Differential Antenne For 5Hz – 500 KHz by I1RFQ
This article describe the design, construction, measurements and receiving experiences made with such “exotic”antenna that fully covers ELF – SLF – ULF – VLF - LF and part of the MF.

"Lightweight" LowFER Verticals by KØLR
As anyone knows who has tried it, erecting a tall, flimsy mast with a large top hat presents quite an engineering challenge. Here is a description of two LowFER vertical antennas that are relatively lightweight and easy to erect, but rugged enough to survive at least a moderate ice or wind storm.

The B3CKS VLF-Antenna Project by DKS302
One night I saw two beer cans on my workbench, and they remember me at the Floating Solar Receiver by Renato Romero. I figured, why not? These two cans are nothing more than capacitors. So there is a chance to use them in combination with a condenser microphone amplifier for a VLF Receiver. Bingo... The first tests as a Monopole gave good results.

VLF Antenna "Bikeloop" by IW2FER
"Bikeloop" antenna is a double magnetic loop composed by two orthogonal loops. This document describe how the prototype was built, the purpose is to give some construction hints to people who wants to try this kind of antenna.

Creation date : 07/10/2020 @ 22:04
Last update : 04/05/2024 @ 12:01
Category : VLF Projects
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