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HF Propagation


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2m Projects - Omnidirectional Horizontal

Click to enlarge144 MHz Halo by EA4EOZ
This halo antenna was built to have an omnidirectional coverage while working in VHF contests. The idea was to have a small but useful antenna for receiving, but it has demonstrated very capable on TX also.

Click to enlarge146MHz 3 Petal Cloverleaf tower mounted antenna by VK6YSF
Requiring a horizontally polarised 2 metre band antenna for SSB, I decided that a 3 Petal Cloverleaf or sometimes referred to as a Big Wheeled antenna could be constructed as a robust unit that would be easily replicated and require little maintenance.

Click to enlarge2m Big Wheel Antenna by G3XBM
Most terrestrial DX activity on 144MHz uses SSB, CW or digital modes and horizontal antennas. For someone like me who doesn't want to invest in a large Yagi array and a big rotator to turn it, thoughts turn to omnidirectional, horizontally polarised antennas. My operation is mainly working locals, the occasional contest and during tropo lifts.

Click to enlarge2m omni-directional antenna by DL1GSJ
Sort of similar to the one of the 6m omni. Instead of using twin-lead, this design makes use of a more or less regular double bazooka antenna (coaxial dipole). Your attention shall be drawn to the available standart literature, such as Rothammel.

Click to enlargeA Tree Friendly 2 Meter Halo Antenna by KR1ST
The design of this antenna is very simple and straightforward. It basically consists of a half wavelength piece of copper tubing bent into a circle.

A Weather Vane Antenna for 2 Meters by W6NBC
VHF incognito! Here’s a 2 meter antenna your neighbors won’t recognize.

The Qyadrifilar Helix as a 2 Meter Base Station Antenna by W6NBC
Here's an easy to build VHF base-=station antenna that works equally well toward the horizon or overhead.

Click to enlargeThe Turnstile antenna by EA4EOZ
This antenna is no more than two perpendicular dipoles dephased 90 degrees to produce an omnidirectional pattern. It also seems to be very easy to construct, so this was the antenna chosen.

Two Small 2m Helical Antennas by W6NBC
With performance close to that of full sized antennas, these small helical antennas are low in profile but high in efficiency.

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