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HF Propagation


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70cm Projects - Omnidirectional Horizontal

Click to enlarge435MHz 5 Petal Cloverleaf tower mounted antenna by VK6YSF
Requiring a horizontally polarised 70cm band antenna for SSB (Single Side Band) work, I decided that a 5 Petal Cloverleaf or sometimes referred to as a Big Wheeled antenna could be constructed as a robust unit that would be easily replicated and require little maintenance.

Click to enlarge70cm Big Wheel Antenna by DL4MEA
This is a 70cm big wheel antenna which is needed for our beacon DB0FAI. The enclosure is a carrying case for cakes. This antenna was originally described in the "VHF Communications".

Click to enlarge70cm Helical by G8JNJ
Please note that this is an experimental omni-directional antenna for 70cm which has both horizontal and vertical gain, which is now in use with the Southampton University Wireless Society WEB SDR.

Click to enlargeA Halo 4 Stack For 70cm On The Cheap by KR1ST
After having played in the weak signal portions of 6 and 2m I wanted to do some weak signal experiments on 70cm.

A Parasitic Lindenblad Antenna for 70cm by AA2TX
This paper introduces a novel and considerably simpler way to construct a Lindenblad style antenna. It uses a single dipole, driven-element along with a passive, parasitic, circularpolarizer. The single driven element is designed to provide a 50-ohm load and the circular polarizer is very easy to build.

Click to enlargeSkew Planar Wheel Antenna for 435MHz by VK6YSF
The popular usage of the Skew-Planar antenna appears to be RC (Radio Control) enthusiasts as an ideal aircraft antenna due to its omnidirectional and circularly polarization.

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