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HF Propagation


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Transistors 2N-Serie - 2N2222

Click to enlarge100W Transmitter For 2200m by VE7SL
The transmitter utilizes a 4060 binary counter IC chip as both the crystal oscillator and frequency divider.I used a 2200 kHz crystal along with the 'divide-by' sixteen output to produce a signal at 137.5 kHz.

Click to enlarge2N2/15 CW Transceiver Design Page by K8IQY
The design goal of this rig is to provide a 15 meter CW rig that has good performance, while using discrete, readily available components whenever possible, including the venerable 2N2222 transistor, so that the rig can be reproduced in 3rd world countries by ham radio operators of modest means.

Click to enlarge2N2/20 - A 20 Meter, Discrete Component CW Transceiver by K8IQY
The 2N2/20 is the latest incarnation of the rather long list of 2N2/XX designs. Departures from the all "2N2222 transistor dictate" provided an opportunity to use a variety of discrete semicondutors to enhance performance.

Click to enlarge2N2/30 - A 30 Meter, Discrete Component CW Transceiver by K8IQY
The 2N2/30 claims its heritage from the 2N2/XX platform, but also uses non-2N2222 transistor types and commercial mixers. From the beginning, it was to be a test bed for building with surface mount parts in a Manhattan-style construction environment.

Click to enlarge2N2/40 - Original 2N2/40 CW Transceiver by K8IQY
In the fall of 1997, the Northern California QRP Club (NorCal) sponsored a contest. The contest objective was to design and build a functional amateur radio transceiver, using a maximum of 22, 2N2222 type transistors.

Click to enlarge2N2/40+ - A 40 Meter, Discrete Component CW Transceiver by K8IQY
The original configuration of the 2N2/40+ incorporated essentially the same main circuitry as my original 2N2/40, but on a larger footprint, 5X7 inches instead of the original 4X5 inches. This change was made to encourage other builders to try building the design.

Click to enlarge2N2/6 - 40 to 6 Meter "No Tune" Transverter by K8IQY
This project is a 40 meter to 6 meter CW "no tune" transverter using ten 2N2222 transistors and one 2N2907. The transverter requires 2 watts of drive from a 40 meter cw transceiver and outputs 2 watts on 6 meters.

Click to enlarge2N2222 Regenerative Receiver by WA6OTP
WA6OTP mods for 2N2222 Regenerative Receiver.

Click to enlarge75 Meter SSB Transceiver by WA7JHZ
Here's 75 Meter QRP SSB Transceiver. In general, the transceiver switches the 4-element 1500 ohm xtal BPF ends between the inputs and outputs of the two SA602s to reverse the signal flow for R/T operation.

Click to enlarge80 m Transceiver by GW4ALG
The home made transceiver covers 3.5 to 3.6 MHz and is CW only.

Click to enlargeBuilding a 'Lowfer' Beacon - 'Manhattan Style' - by VE7SL
A friend of mine in Ontario (Herb - VE3OHH) asked me if I was interested in building him a beacon transmitter for the licence-free LOWFER band (160 - 190KHz).

Click to enlargeEighty - Oner by SP5DDJ
For many Hams 80m band is most accesible, so I developed another one-watter based on VXO.

Click to enlargeQRPp RF PA for the 630M Band by VK2XV
Here is a small RF power amplifier based on the design of Roger (G3XBM) which in turn was based on Kyle's (K0LR) LF previous design. It uses a complementary 2N2907/2N2222 switching pair on the output to produce a squarewave with amplitude approximately equal to the power supply rail.

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