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HF Propagation


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15m Projects - Transceivers

Click to enlarge15m CW Transceiver by PY2OHH
15m was always my preferred band, in spite of propagation going down, we learnt much from this project. I haven't indulged into making QSOs because I have little time to run the radios.

Click to enlargeI5M Himite by 5Z4FT
The Himite is an upper HF band version of the Rockmite, with designed in modifications to improve the original Rockmite efficeincy, it is my current project to evaluate the difference between 15M, and 20M QRP operation, before continuing with the Norcal Sierra project.

Click to enlarge15m Pipit QRP CW Transceiver by G3XBM
The rig is a simple direct conversion transceiver based around the OXO transmitter by GM3OXX with an SBL1 or similar double balanced mixer based direct conversion receiver.

Klik voor vergroting21 MHz 5 W SSB / CW transceiver by JH1USG


Click to enlarge21MHz 1W SSB and CW Transceiver by JF1OZL
I made this new transceiver to operate CW and SSB with one box of machine. In Japan we can get from 10.595 to 10.695 10kHz step CB-junk crystals very cheap.

Click to enlarge21MHz 2W DSB transceiver by JF1OZL
About one year ago ,on 1998 my QSO friends said to me that he made this projects and he got 1 watt and he could make QSO with his local station.

Click to enlarge21MHz DSB transceiver by JF1OZL
In these days cycle 22 becomes stronger day by day. I want to make QSO in 21MHz like the cycle 21, about 6 years ago. I made simple DSB( double side band) transceiver. One of my friend made the same rig and completed it. Therefore I think that this page has good re-productivity.

Click to enlarge21MHz Transceiver by JA6UVF


Click to enlarge3 transistor 21MHz CW transceiver by JF1OZL
I made CW 1W transceiver with only three transistor. I could make QSO by this machine with Saga, Asahikawa (domestic far distance city),and Indonesia and Taiwan.

Click to enlarge5 valve ssb transceiver for 21MHz by JF1OZL
See another explanation about ssb rigs in my homepage before you read this page! I will explain about the differences from the another machines.

Click to enlargeTHE OTAKUCHI / 21MHz QRPp CW Transceiver by JJ1SLW
I checked my QRP note and found interesting note; PIXIE2 modification for the simple small transceiver to fit the case of "TAMAGOCHI", the popular virtual pet. BINGO, that's it!!

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Last update : 18/03/2020 @ 22:40
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