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HF Propagation


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10m Projects - Transmitters

Click to enlarge10m WISPY WSPR beacon by G3XBM
WISPY is a simple DSB beacon transmitter for 10m WSPR. The idea was to use a low cost 14.060 crystal, available from many sources, in an oscillator-doubler circuit feeding a diode single balanced mixer and small low cost PA.

Klik voor vergroting1Watt AM(cw) Transmitter for the 10 meterband RE-TX1HF10 by ON6MU
In this project, you will make a simple 3-stage low-power broadcast-type circuit, using a crystal oscillator integrated circuit and an a collector modulated AM oscillator with amplifier.

Click to enlarge28,096MHz mini beacon by LY3LP
This one can be heard well within 5 meters.

Click to enlarge28 Mhz bileteral TX with BS 170 transistor by LY3LP


Click to enlarge28 MHz VXO - PTO by LY3LP
Is very good , KE7HR Paul R. Jorgenson -five crystal ,VXO . VXO my work on 28,2 MHZ.

Click to enlarge28 MHz 1w QRP transmitter by LY3LP
Nice emitter manipulation of the T1. T1-T3 any 150mc transistor. T4 is 1w, or two 2n2222 in parallel. T50-6 rings, perpendicular. If more power needed one can connect NB6M QRP "gallon".

Click to enlarge29MHz all tube NBTV transmitter by PAØKLS
Three photographs and circuit diagram of Klaas Robers' 10 watt, 29 MHz all tube NBTV transmitter, as published in NBTV Newsletter Vol.29 No.2.

Click to enlargeAMA-TIRI by PY2OHH
After the success of the CANARINHO, CURRIRA and the CURUMIM we decide to build a QRPp transmitter, now for 10m . This is the AMA-TIRI.

Click to enlargeCW/AM Transmitter by SMØVPO
The 27MHz radio control receiver project and the proportional R/C encoder/decoder project were created many years ago. The transmitter portion has never been published.

Click to enlargeJones Transmitter by DK3BI
The first time I came across this circuit was in 1964 when I read the book "Simple Radio Control" by H.G. Hundleby. It was called the "Aeromodeller" Transmitter and was a free running oscillator without a crystal.

Click to enlargePTO-VXO 28MHz 1w TX by LY3LP
Very simple PTO -VXO . 10,7 MHz coil , glued on ferrite rod - shirt button.

Click to enlargeQRP AM(cw) Transmitter for the 10 meterband RE-TX02HF10 by ON6MU
In this project, you will make a simple low-power broadcast-type circuit, using a crystal oscillator integrated circuit and an a collector modulated AM oscillator.

Click to enlargeSuper-QRP CW Transmitter by VE2ZAZ
Do you really believe that with 5 milliwatts you can make a QSO? And How about using a simple computer TTL oscillator as transmitter?!!! Well yes, it is possible! and it works. This transmitter is without doubt the simplest ever built.

Click to enlargeThe "Pointless" 10 meter DSB QRP transmitter by KA7OEI
The annual "Homebrew" meeting of the Utah Amateur Radio club meeting was coming up and while I was going to show off what I'd done thusfar on my mcHF transceiver - link I wanted something else that was a bit more "fun" and a very quick build, preferably one that could also give a signal to hear on the transceiver at the same time.

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