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HF Propagation


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10m Projects - Antennas

Click to enlarge10m Bent attic Yagi by KE4UYP
This is a horzontally polarized three Element Yagi. The bent Elements cause very little performance lose.
When you consider it is only 8ft. 5" wide and 7ft. 6" long and still has 6.2dbi gain and 20db front to back ratio.

Klik voor vergroting2 Element Cubical Quad Antenne für 28 MHz durch DL7JV
Die Besonderheit bei der hier vorgestellten Cubical Quad Antenne ist, dass die Konstruktion aus Holz ist. Die Anregung zum Bau dieser Antenne kommt von WA6CDO.

Click to enlarge21,28MHz shortened dipole antenna (pipe type) by JA1HWO
Since the total length of the antenna is less than 5m, the thickness of the pipe is 16mm, and a 13mm pipe is inserted inside to resonate at 28.7MHz.

Click to enlarge21,28MHz shortened dipole antenna (wire type) by JA1HWO
Occasionally, we will introduce a dipole antenna that is perfect for those who want to go to the 21MHz or 28MHz band! It's easy because it is made up of few parts.

Klik voor vergroting24 / 28MHz mobile mini whip by JA1HWO
This "Mini Mobile Antenna" was also started from 144,430MHz, 50MHz and advanced this time. It is gradually improving while gaining know-how.

Click to enlargeA Hanging Rectangular Loop Antenna by KT4QW
This page describes a rotatable hanging loop antenna that has been specifically designed for hanging in a tree... Horizontally polarized with a broad azimuth pattern and gain of nearly 3dB over a simple horizontal dipole!

A Light and Sturdy Quad for 10 and 15 meters by KA3PDM & W3/CE3VU
Fishin' for DX? A few fishin' poles and a hank of wire can help you snag the Big One!

A Simple Nondirectional Antenna for Ten Meters by W7AYB
There are several reasons why a ham whose chief interest lies in the ten-meter band may not want to or cannotput up a rotatable beam. Such an antenna is expensive, it requires a sturdy support, many consider it an eyesore, ...

Click to enlargeHomebase10 Antenna for 28MHz by G3XBM
The Homebase10 is a simple to make wire halo antenna for 10m (28MHz) built using parts available from the local DIY store.The resulting antenna is very effective on 10m despite its small size and light weight.

Click to enlargeShorten Dipole for 10 & 40m. Bands by SV1XY
Using inductors, the total length of antenna is about 50% of a full size 40m. Band Dipole.
The internal part of antenna (2 "A" sections) is a full dipole for 10m Band.

Click to enlargeThe 10 Meter Loop Antenna by KGØZZ
Loop antennas are a favorite among hams. They are a simple design and offer more gain than a half wave dipole antenna. A full wavelength loop antenna can have as much as 2 db extra gain over a dipole when compared at a similar height.

Click to enlargeThe 10/11 Meter Ground Plane Antenna by KGØZZ
Although primarily mounted on a mast and used for short range base to mobile communications, ground plane antennas also make good DX antennas. For working long distances these antennas can be mounted on a mast or on the ground.

Click to enlargeThe 10/15/20 Meter Trap Vertical Antenna by KGØZZ
This antenna project came out very nice. It's a rugged homebrew multi-band trap vertical antenna that works the 10, 15, and 20 meter amateur radio bands. The antenna can be mounted on the ground or on a mast.

Click to enlargeThe HF Satellite Antenna by W4SAT
This is a no compromise dual band antenna. Instead of using traps, this design interlaces two separate antennas on one boom. This is a full size, four element beam on 10, and three elements on 15 meters!

Click to enlargeThree-Element Antenna for 28 MHz by DF9CY
The 3 element is a commercial antenna by PAN International, which I slightly modified for good performance on the 10m Amateur-Radio band. Design Frequency: 28.300 MHz.

Two on 10 by AA1DO
Hankerin’ for more performance on 10 meters? Wanna greet the upcoming sunspot peak with gusto? This home-brew two-element beam is the perfect introduction to rolling your own gain antenna.

Click to enlageUne antenne 10 mètres pour station portable
Une pensée particulière à nos amis "ON3" lors de la confection du prototype de cette antenne, on vient de leur attribuer la bande des 10 mètres. Idéale pour le 28 MHz QRP ( 10 watts maximum ), parfaite pour le trafic en portable par sa facilité d’implantation.

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