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HF Propagation


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2m Projects - Transceivers

Click to enlarge144-28MHZ Transverter by YO4HFU


<Click to enlargeB>144MHz All Mode Transceiver by YO3DAC/VA3IUL
The main characteristic of the transceiver presented below it is the simplicity, but in the same time to obtain good performance with a minimum investment. The principal component of this radio it is MC3362.

Click to enlarge2m FM Transceiver by YO4HFU


Click to enlarge2m Fredbox AM Transceiver by G3XBM
This is the story of the Fredbox, a rig that first saw the light of day in 1974 in Cambridge. In the last few months it has been restored to full working order to enjoy the renewed interest in AM operation on 2m in the UK.

Klik voor vergroting2 m SSB transceiver by JG1EAD


Click to enlargeDSP-10 Project by W7PUA
The DSP-10 is an amateur-radio, software-defined 2-meter transceiver that can be built at home. It operates on SSB, FM and CW modes. Features are tailored to operation with weak signals.

DSP-10: An All-Mode 2M Trx Using a DSP IF and PC-Controlled Front Panel by W7PUA
Part 1-What’s neat about this 2-meter transceiver is that most of it is in software! Your PC is its front panel. You can operate it as a stand-alone QRP rig, with an amplifier or with UHF and microwave transverters!

DSP-10: An All-Mode 2M Trx Using a DSP IF and PC-Controlled Front Panel by W7PUA
Part 2-This versatile 2-meter transceiver uses a PC as its front panel. With most of the radio in software, the mechanical construction of the radio is much easier to handle.

DSP-10: An All-Mode 2M Trx Using a DSP IF and PC-Controlled Front Panel by W7PUA
Part 3-This is it! It's about time to put your new transceiver on the air!

Click to enlargeFredbox: 2m AM Transceiver by GØUPL
Size is 145 x 57 x 29mm (excluding switch, sockets etc.). The case is made from single sided unetched PCB.
See original Fredbox at G3XBM's homepage.

Click to enlargeUn transceiver 144 SSB Le PICARDY de F6FEO
La platine de base du transceiver SANTERRE est utilisée en moyenne fréquence fixe sur 22.915 Mhz.
Un transverter équipé d'un VXO ultra-stable sur 121 Mhz permet un trafic confortable dans la bande SSB 144 Mhz.

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