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HF Propagation


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2m Projects - Amplifiers

Klik voor vergroting144-MHz 1500W 8877 Power Amp by KL7UW
This page describes the construction of a 1500-watt 2m amplifier using an 8877. The design follows the classic W6PO design which is described in the Eimac Notes.

Click to enlarge144MHz GS35 Amplifier by EA3AXV
Technical Characteristics: Ouput Power 2KW, Power Gain 13dB, Anode Voltage 4500V, Anode Current 1A, Grid Voltage 42V, Grid Current 300mA, Drive 100W, Harmonic attenuation > 55 dB.

Click to enlarge144MHz GS35b High Power Amplifier by DL4MEA
A presentation of this amplifier and the 70cm twin was hold on the 1998 Weinheim meeting.

Click to enlarge2 KW Power Amplifier for 144 MHz using the GU84B tetrode by WA6PY
This amplifier is built in home-made aluminum compartment which must be electrically tight in order to avoid RF radiation.

Click to enlarge20 Watts PA VHF Module by SV1BSX
The MHW 612 by Motorola, is a VHF Broadband power module amplifier for commercial mobile transmitters giving a maximum Output Power of about 20 Watts (50 Ohm).

Click to enlarge2m Band VHF PA 5 Watts (AB2 Class) by SV1BSX
I have constructed a Homemade VHF Transverter from 28 MHZ to 144 MHZ, but the output Power its only 0,5 Watts, too low for this band, though a QRP-er.

Click to enlarge2m Dual Gate FET Low Noise Amplifier by OZ2CPU
My good old FT-290 2m SSB and FM radio, had about 1uV sensitivity before installing this amp.Now it is 150nV just like the best radios I have tested. Stations I could hear with noise, are now loud and clear !!

Klik voor vergroting2N6084 144MHz FM Power Amplifier by MØUKD
It uses a 2N6084 RF transistor, and will produce 50w output max. It is a class C amplifier design, and therefore good for FM mode only.

A Dual­Band Power Amplifier by WN2A
It all started with a need to make my mobile FM setup more organized and less haywire. The end result is a neater solution with an auto band-switched unit that gives the amateur radio operator an indication of which band is being transmitted on.

Amplificatore FM Veicolare 145 MHz da IW2FND
É ormai da tempo che nelle varie fiere del Radioamatore si trovano alcune parti di vecchi apparati telefonici veicolari Italtel, operanti nella banda VHF, che opportunamente smontati permettono di recuperare un amplificatore ibrido di potenza e tanta altra componentistica utile.

An 8-Watt, 2-Meter “Brickette” by W7PUA
Put 20 mW into this little amplifier and get a 26-dB increase in transmitted power! Although the amplifier was designed initially for use with the DSP-10 transceiver, any 20-mW-output 2-meter exciter can enjoy the boost!

Klik voor vergrotingDescription of a 144 MHz high power amplifier for 2 x 4CX250B by LAØBY
This page provides information on the design and practical implementation of a rather inexpensive 144 MHz high power amplifier using a pair of ceramic tetrodes, type 4CX250B, in a push-pull configuration. I have used it mainly for MS and EME operation for many years.

Click to enlargeGeneric VHF PA by SMØVPO
These circuits are my "standard" building blocks that can be used to amplify RF power signals, from 50MHz to 170MHz, just a few component changes are required.

Click to enlargePlus de 300 Watts a tube sans bruit refroidi par convection de F6CHT
Cavité 144 refroidissement par convection de la GI7B On aperçoit le link en bérylium.
Le 4ème côté de la cavité est en fait le radiateur.

Click to enlargeUn ampli 144 avec une GS31B de F6CHT
Un Ampli 144 avec une GS31 (plus de 1500W).

Click to enlargeUsing the BF981 in two metre preamps by VK2ZAB
There is no doubt that the Philips BF981 dual gate mosFET is an excellent choice for two metre preamps. On a performance for dollar basis it was probably the best device (as of 1985) available.

Klik voor vergrotingVHF Linear Amplifier by SV1BSX
There is not a personal design on this page, just I've transfered useful notes from PHILIPS RF Bipolar Transistors - Data HandBook (1993 Edition), about BLY89C VHF Power transistor, which is very popular among Amateur Radio "homebrewers".

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