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HF Propagation


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70cm Projects - Amplifiers

100W UHF Linear Amplifier by M1GEO
his page details my building of Carlo Gnaccarini (VK3PY, formerly VK3BRZ)’s 100 Watt Power Amplifier for the 432 MHz Band based on two Motorola MRF646 transistors.

1KW 70cm LDMOS Amplifier by W6PQL
This one is similar in size and function to the 2m and 222MHz KW amplifiers.
There are some small differences in appearance; the front panel was machined and engraved for me by Front Panel Express.

500w 70cm Amplifier by W6PQL
Many of us have been waiting for a practical 70cm solid-state amplifier design. Freescale Semiconductor's recent offerings of 1.25kw and 600w transistors have been getting a lot of attention.

70cm Power Amplifier durch DC4KU
Aufbau eines einfachen HF-Verstärkers für 430-450MHz mit einem M67749M-Verstärkermodul.

A 432MHz High Power Amplifier with a GS35b by DL4MEA
This amp is currently under construction. It does not work as expected, so here are just a few pictures from the construction. The cathode circuit is similar to CT1DMK's 70cm-GS35b.

A Dual­Band Power Amplifier by WN2A
It all started with a need to make my mobile FM setup more organized and less haywire. The end result is a neater solution with an auto band-switched unit that gives the amateur radio operator an indication of which band is being transmitted on.

YL1050 PA for 432 MHz by DL5IF
The mechanical description is very good and it is no problem to follow it. The housing and the special parts, which have to be made with a turning lathe, must be made by an expert.

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