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Shack Accessories - Microphones

Click to enlargeotingHomebrew Condenser Microphone by KT4QW
With modern commercial amateur transceivers becoming increasingly difficult to work on, most ham builders have turned to other projects. Of course there are all sorts of projects possible and I suppose antenna design and construction is one of the most rewarding. Looking around for a fresh project, one that was within reason, I decided to build a "from scratch" condenser microphone.

Click to enlargeHomebrew Handy Microphone by 7N3WVM
On the side is a push-to-talk switch. A digital calendar clock is embedded in the back.

Click to enlargeHomebrew Microphone 'Boom' by W2DTC
Striving for high fidelity sometimes yields unexpected results. In my case, I chose to transmit audio frequencies below 100 cycles with the result, that mechanical actions such as thumping on my desk were picked up by my desk microphone.

Click to enlargeHomebrew Stand Microphone by 7N3WVM
Though it is barely visible in the picture, a digital calendar-clock is embeded in the base.

Click to enlargeMicrofoon voorversterker voor o.a. BOSCH KF-161 door PE1KQP
Omdat de ingang van de KF 161 niet gevoelig genoeg is heb ik een voorversterker gemaakt met de 741 op amp die met een gewone handmike goed werkt. Deze voorversterker wordt op een stuk printplaat met 4 eilandjes gemaakt.

Creation date : 17/09/2007 @ 10:50
Last update : 14/09/2018 @ 20:08
Category : Shack Accessories
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