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HF Propagation


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2m Projects - Omnidirectional Vertical

Click to enlarge"Bottle" Antenna for 145 MHz by RA1TW
Any amateur can do the antenna during one hour. To do the antenna takes a half of hour and to tune the antenna also takes a half of hour. So, do not waste time and go to make the Bottle Antenna!

Click to enlarge"MUrDuck" VHF "rubber duck" Portable Antenna by ON6MU
You can make your own 2-meter "rubber duckies" that will likely perform much better than many commercial units. I compared my design with two other "rubber duckies" of the TH215 and ICT7 which outperformed them both.

"Limpy Arnold" - A simple antenna for 2m or 6m by PC1D
Since 2000, members of our club experiment and work with the "Limpy Arnold" antenna. About this odd name-giving, PA7ZEE wrote in Electron of Nov 2003, in Sprat and in Cats Whisker of the South Dorset Radio Society.

Click to enlarge145 Mc 5/8-wave vertical antenna by ON6MU
At VHF, both the 1/4-wavelength monopole and the 5/8-wavelength monopole antennas are widely used. The VHF 5/8-wavelength (144 Mhz) vertical monopole has long held the reputation of providing about a 3-dB gain advantage over the 1/4-wavelength vertical monopole.

Click to enlarge146MHz 1/4λ ground plane tower mounted antenna by VK6YSF
Requiring a replacement antenna for my aging 2mtr band 5λ/8 wave ground plane that is primarily used for local FM simplex and repeater communication, I settled on the simpler 1λ/4 wave ground plane antenna designed for approximately 146.5MHz.

Click to enlarge146MHz 5/8 ground plane tower mounted antenna by VK6YSF
Requiring a new 2 metre band antenna for local FM simplex and repeater communication and after evaluated a couple of the main contenders for the project I settled on the 5λ/8 wave ground plane to be designed for approximately 146.5MHz.

Click to enlarge2 m. Band VHF Dipole with"Gamma" match system by SV1BSX
This page is the first part of my VHF Collinear antenna project, wich gives a gain of about 5,1 DBi with 2 dipoles and 8,1 DBi with 4 dipoles (Omni directional).

Click to enlarge2 m. Band VHF Collinear with 2 Dipoles by SV1BSX
This page is the second part of my VHF Collinear antenna project with matching-system for 2 dipoles model (Gain = 5.15 DBi).

Click to enlarge2/70 portable coax antenna by PAFBK
This is also a nice ham project, een small antenna for 2m and 70cm, after using it you can roll-up the antenna, very nice on holidays... I invented a similar system, but completely made of RG58 coax.

Click to enlarge2m/70cm Fietspomp Antenna Voor Binnenshuis door PAFRI
De werking van een fietspompantenne is te vergelijken met dat van een ZEPP antenne. Het kan beschouwd worden als een hele golf (1λ) dipool waarvan de helft (= λ) opgevouwen is.

2m/70cm Gentleman's Walking Stick by W6NBC & W6ND
Walk about freely with this pedestrian-portable antenna. Use it for better coverage at a parade, a bike-a-thon or just on a stroll. Alternately, hang it in a tree or mount it permanently. Its utility will impress you. It is also an ideal low-cost ham radio club project.

Click to enlarge3-band whip antenna 144MHz, 430MHz & 50MHz by JA1HWO
This antenna is structurally simple, but adjustment is surprisingly difficult, so this antenna is for those who are slightly used to it.

Click to enlarge6dB Colinear VHF Antenna by SMVPO
I had a problem with my packet radio station and decided that antenna gain was the solution. So now I have a 6dB gain VHF colinear.

Clic to enlarge7dB Colinear Antenna by SMVPO
This project is about a cheap way of building a colinear antenna for VHF 145MHz, and having about 10dB more gain than that little 1/4-wave magmount I have not used for 6 years. The actual gain of this antenna is +7.5dBd. It consists of five half-wave dipoles, four of which are end-fed by means of a 1/4-wave stub to invert the phase.

Click to enlargeA 144MHz Pocket Antenna by F3WM
The hand held transceivers are very usefull for portable operation. They are all afflicted by a common shortcoming : their sausage type antenna is very inefficient. A simple dipole will make better.

Click to enlargeA DIY Ducky for 2m by G4ILO
I recently decided to save wear and tear on the SMA socket of my TH-F7E dual-band hand-held transceiver by permanently installing an SMA to BNC adapter or "HT saver".

Click to enlargeA Simple 2 m/70 cm Vertical Dipole Antenna by KGZZ
This easy to build dual band VHF/UHF antenna makes a great project for the new ham that is ready to get on the 2 meter and 70 centimeter amateur radio bands.

A True Plumber's Delight for 2 Meters - An All Copper J-Pole by KD8JB
A number of years ago, I build a J-Pole antenna from some scrap aluminum tubing and a 5-foot stick of TV mast. The antenna tuned easily, and operated well for a few years until nature did it in.

An Easy Dual-Band VHF/UHF Antenna by KD6GLF
Why settle for the performance your rubber duck antenna offers?
Build this portable J-pole and boost your signal for next to nothing!

An EZ-Lindenblad Antenna for 2 Meters by AA2TX
This easy to build antenna works well for satellite or terrestrial communication, horizontal or vertically polarized.

Click to enlargeAntenna Veicolare per 144 MHz da IK4DCS
Ebbene s, ne ho provata un'altra! Dopo tanti e fruttuosi esperimenti svolti sulle varie bande HF con le antenne a carico lineare, ho voluto provare che effetto si poteva avere in banda 144 Mhz.

Klik voor vergrotingAntenne Slim Jim VHF de F5IRO
L'auteur de cette antenne est G2BCX,il s'agit d'un diple 1/2 onde repli, aliment sa base par une ligne 1/4 onde.

Bicycle-Mobile Antennas by WA5FRF & KKJ/5
If you're a hamand bicycling nut, you know that there are many good reasons for going mobile on your two-wheeler with safety topping the list.

Build a 2 meter 5/4 Wave Antenna by N1HFX
This month I decided to build a 2 meter 5/4 wave antenna. This antenna is unique in that it is enclosed entirely in 3/4" PVC which makes the design a little more complicated.

Build a Portable Groundplane Antenna by KH6CP/1
Need a better antenna for your hand-held radio? Here's the answer.

Constructing a Simple 5/8-wavelength Vertical Antenna for 2 Meters by W9WQ
No loading coils - inexpensive - easy to build. Does that sound like the 5/8-wl antenna you've been wanting to build? You've got it now!

Cookie Can Portable Antennas by W6NBC
Every ham likely has made a 2 meter antenna from a discarded cookie can or a pizza pan. But how well do these perform? A close look at this familiar make-shift antenna may surprise you.

Klik voor vergrotingCopper Plumbing Pipe Dipole Antenna for 2 Meters de W4ZT
One of these dipoles works fine for a basic, slightly off center, omni-directional antenna. The angle of radiation is lower than that of a ground plane so it does tend to work better (by about 3db in the favored direction).

De J antenne door PE1KQP
De j antenne is een eenvoudige en makkelijk zelf te maken antenne die nog goed werkt ook.
De 2 meter antenne heeft bij mij al vanaf 1981 op de mast gestaan en heeft alle stormen die er sindsdien geweest zijn onbeschadigd overleefd.

De LR antenne door PE1KQP
De LR antenne is in feite een dubbele J antenne die zowel horizontaal als verticaal gebruikt kan worden. Omdat deze antenne 2 halve golf stralers heeft is er een winst van 2,5 DB ten opzichte van de J antenne.

Efficient 2 meter Disguise Antenna by W6NBC
This horizontal slot antenna, cut into the reflector of a TV dish, is both the master of disguise and high in performance.

Emergency Antenna by ZS5MGD
This antenna was built after a surprise greeting upon arriving on site to repair a low power radio telemetry system "Why have you come? I told them the antenna was stolen and have not had the time to replace it".

Homebrew Coaxial Dipole for VHF or UHF by W6NBC
Heres a base station antenna you can easily build for 146, 220 or 440 MHz.
Performance is equal to a J-pole, but its smaller, less obtrusive and more weatherproof.

Click to enlargeJ-POLE FOR 145 MHZ by F3WM
If you need a simple, strong and efficient atenna for 145 mhz, you need a J-pole; I think it's the best antenna for newcomers because it has better performance than a GP and is easy to bulid; moreover it's electrically gronded.

Make Your Own "Rubber Duckies" by NLRF
Not the bathtub kind . . . the kind you stick on an H-T. For a few dollars and a couple of hours of fun, you can roll your own 2-meter rubber duckies that will likely perform better than many commercial units.

'Mobile' op 'Twee' door PAJHS
Op het dak van mijn vorige auto heeft gedurende een paar jaar een magneetvoet gestaan. Toen ik het voertuig ging inruilen bleek de lak op de plek waar de voet had gestaan te zijn verkleurd.

Click to enlargeNSH - Tilted V by VU3NSH
I constructed this antenna by 3/8th thick aluminium tubes and I selected the element spacing angle of 90 degrees (It can be 120 degrees or 60 degrees, but the radiation pattern will change).

OCF 2-Meter Sleeve Dipole Antenna by KV5R
Lots of people are building this antenna! One fellow even improved upon it by making the elements out of aluminum - inside a 3/4" PVC pipe -- see QST August 06.

Click to enlargePortable Rabbit-Ears Dipole Antenna by KV5R
This handy and cheap portable dipole can be folded and backpacked, carried in use, and adjusted to a very wide range of frequencies. Note: This is a low power antenna, meant to be used close the body at 5 watts or less.

Click to enlargeSimple 2-Meter Dipole Antenna by KV5R
This antenna is similar in construction to the 2-meter OFC sleeve dipole I built over 8 years ago, but it is a simple center-fed dipole. I used 1″ thin-wall PVC pipe, aluminum tape, and RG-8X coax.

Slim-Jim 2m VHF Band Antenna by 4S7NR
Slim-Jim is easy to built, no radial 145Mhz antenna. It has almost equal gain of a 5/8 lambda and much higher gain than 1/4 lambda whip.

The "VPO-le" Antenna by SMVPO
To build the "VPO-le" (pun intended) antenna all you need is four small panel pins (nails) and a bit of wood. You should be able to build and test this antenna in less than 20 minutes. It has a gain of about +2dBd (+4.5dBi). It is best mounted on a broom handle, or similar.

Click to enlargeThe 2 Meter Coffee Can Antenna by KGZZ
The coffee can antenna is actually a sleeve dipole antenna made using a large coffee can, or other similar size tin can, in place of using radials like that of a ground plane antenna or the other half of a dipole element.

The DBJ-1: A VHF-UHF Dual-Band J-Pole by WB6IQN
Searching for an inexpensive, high-performance dual-band base antenna for VHF and UHF? Build a simple antenna that uses a single feed line for less than $­­10.

The Qyadrifilar Helix as a 2 Meter Base Station Antenna by W6NBC
Here's an easy to build VHF base-=station antenna that works equally well toward the horizon or overhead.

Click to enlargeThe simplest dual band antenna for 145 and 431 MHz by IZ3AYQ


Two Small 2m Helical Antennas by W6NBC
With performance close to that of full sized antennas, these small helical antennas are low in profile but high in efficiency.

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