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Power Supplies - Battery Chargers

Click to enlarge12V input, 12V battery charger by XQ2FOD
Some of you might wonder why a charger is needed at all, to charge a 12 Volt battery from a 12 Volt source! Well, firstly the "12 Volt" source will typically vary anywhere from 11 Volt to 15 Volt, and then a battery needs a controlled charge current and voltage, which cannot result from connecting it directly to a voltage source.

Click to enlargeBattery Charger for Hand Held Radio Battery Packs by VK4BY
This is a handy little charger that can provide a charging current of up to 120 mA continuously for batteries in the range up to 12 volts.

SLA Battery Charger by WN2A
This simple charger was designed for charging 12 Volt sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries, specifically of the 4 to 7 Amp-Hr Class used by radio amateurs for portable/emergency operation.

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