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HF Propagation


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500 kHz Projects - Antennas

Click to enlarge" ADA" : An Active Differential Antenne For 5Hz – 500 KHz by I1RFQ
This article describe the design, construction, measurements and receiving experiences made with such “exotic”antenna that fully covers ELF – SLF – ULF – VLF - LF and part of the MF.

Click to enlarge500 KHz antenna system @ pa3bca by PA3BCA
Generating (lots of) power on 500 KHz is relatively easy. Getting a significant part of this power actually radiated is another matter. With a wavelength of 600 Meters most amateur antennas will be 'relatively short'...

Click to enlargeA Broadband Shielded Receiving Loop for LF DX Work by VE7SL
This is a description of a broadband ( ~40kHz - 500kHz) shielded receiving loop and preamplifier suitable for low-noise LF reception. The preamplifier was originally developed by the late Ralph Burhans, a dedicated engineer and LF experimenter.

Click to enlargeA Simple Loop Antenna for 500 KHz by WA1ZMS/4
The loop frame is made from 1/2" square hardwood strips that are 24" long. They are nailed together like a plus sign. Holes are drilled in each end of the arms to string the wire. In the antenna shown here, the wire is 11/36 Litz wire.

Click to enlargeA Tree Antenna for the 600 Meter Band by W5JGV
My interest in tree antennas goes back many years, when I first read about some experiments using coils to couple RF energy to trees. Unfortunately, I neglected to save the article, and it was only much later that I was able to locate the source for the article.

E-field Probe Antenna by G3XBM
Recently I have been trying out a small active voltage probe antenna to aid reception on the LF bands. I used a PA0RDT designed active antenna to listen successfully to amateur signals on both 500kHz and 136kHz.

New LF / MF Loop by VE7SL
The new 'loop' is not really loop-shaped but is rectangular (10' x 20') and more like a Flag antenna shape. I considered a Flag but really don't need any back-end nulling capability since I'm mainly interested in listening to the east and to the north.

Creation date : 12/02/2010 @ 22:13
Last update : 13/12/2020 @ 22:05
Category : 500 kHz Projects
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