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HF Propagation


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Test Equipment - FIeld Strength Meters

Click to enlargeField Strength Meter MkI
This Field Strength Meter has been specially designed for our FM bugs. It is capable of detecting very low power transmitters and will assist enormously in peaking many of our FM transmitters that have a coil in the output stage that can be adjusted for optimum output.

Click to enlargeNJQRP Sniffer by N2CX
The NJQRP Sniffer is a tuned-input, multiband-capable FSM for the HF amateur bands that is easily constructed using commonly available components.

Click to enlargeNJQRP Sniffer + LNB by LY3LP

Click to enlargeNSH Field Strength Meter by VU3NSH
A well tuned antenna system works like a dummy load, i.e. the SWR is 1.2:1 or below but the hunting range is low. What's wrong? Insufficient radiation? How to know that? Yes, this is what the article about.

Click to enlargeOp-amp Field Strenght Meter by KC6WDK
This extremely sensitive field strength meter will show whether or not something is being transmitted and indicates any changes in power output or antenna design.

Click to enlargeVHF field strength meter
This is a simple and low cost wide band VHF field strength meter. The field strength is measured by converting the radio signal to DC and measuring it.

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