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HF Propagation


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IC 74XX-Serie - 7400

Datasheet SN7400 Texas Instruments

Click to enlarge7400 Siren
Two NAND gates are used for the oscillator, and two as the control. If the two-tone speed needs to be altered, the 220 µ capacitors can be changed Oarger for slower operation).

Click to enlargeCrystal Activity Tester Circuit
This circuit will check a crystal for activity. Two sections of a 7400 act as an oscillator and its output is rectified and drives an npn transistor that switches an LED (Fig. A).

Click to enlargeWide-Range Crystal Oscillator Circuit
A circuit using one 7400 TTL10 can use crystals of the fundamental type, from 1 to about 13 MHz. Output is rich in harmonics.

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