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HF Propagation


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IC 74LSXX-Serie - 74LS04

Datasheet SN74LS04 Texas Instruments

Click to enlargeLogic Probe
This design uses a single Schottky Hex Inverter (74LS04) and is ideal as a school project as it is fairly simple to make and understand. Attach the power leads to some crocodile clips and use a sharpened nail for a probe point (solder a few hoops of wire to hold it to the PCB) and away it you go.

Click to enlargeOscillator interfaces data for tv
Three gates of a 74LS04 form the oscillator circuit. Capacitor Cl allows fine-frequency adjustment to a specific television channel and helps stabilize the circuit. Potentiometer Rl acts as the mixing input and provides adjustment of the contrast ratio for the best viewing.

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