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HF Propagation


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Transistors BC-Serie - BC109

Datasheet BC109 Philips

Click to enlargeAM Receiver
A small, simple AM receiver project with only 3 transistors. This circuit can pick up medium wave stations in your area.

Klik voor vergrotingCassette Preamplifier by transistor BC109
This is circuit Cassette Preamplifier. I used transistor BC109 main part electronics.
It is very easy pre amplifier for cassette tape or car audio.

Click to enlargeControl sound automatic by BC109
This circuit is the sound controls automatic circuit, by it will fix to don’t give popularity level in the sound doesn’t expire. When feed sound signal reaches in this circuit , as a result , will have a signal, will the power goes up to flow through LED shine to LDR.

Click to enlargeHeadphone Amplifier by Transistor BC109
Here is classic Headphone Amplifier because The important part of the circuit is Transistor BC109. I like this circuit it very good for play music classic.

Click to enlargeInfrared Intruder Alarm
This the circuit warns the trespasser infrared system or Infrared Intruder Alarm circuit that interesting. By when there is a person passes or cut the light infrared. The system will clearly warn immediately.

Click to enlargeLightning Detector Circuit
This DIY lightning detector circuit is a very sensitive static electricity detector that can provide an early warning of approaching storms from inter-cloud discharge well before an earth-to-sky return strike takes place.

Click to enlargeSimple AM Transmitter
Here is the circuit diagram of a simple AM transmitter circuit that can transmit your audios to your backyard.

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