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HF Propagation


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Transistors BC-Serie - BC327

Datasheet BC327 Philips

Click to enlarge250mW audio amplifier
Here is a very simple three transistor audio amplifier circuit that can deliver 250mW to a 8Ohm speaker.

Click to enlarge3-Channel Audio Splitter
This circuit is suitable to amplify and distribute the audio signals.

Click to enlargeBeautiful car brake lights by BC327
This circuit will like to set up in a room takes of an automobile mostly, for the beauty or Beautiful car brake lights circuit. It make a car that follow to come to obviously seen is skilled at increasingly installation format can fix by oneself as you like it.

Click to enlargeMini Alarm
This circuit, enclosed in a small plastic box, can be placed into a bag or handbag. A small magnet is placed close to the reed switch and connected to the hand or the clothes of the person carrying the bag by means of a tiny cord.

Klik voor vergrotingSimple Phono Preamplifier Circuit
This simple but efficient circuit devised for cheap moving-magnet cartridges, can be used in connection with the audio power amplifiers shown in these web pages, featuring low noise,

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