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HF Propagation


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136 kHz Projects - Receivers

Click to enlarge136 kHz one knob QRSS receiver by IK2PII
I don't like knobs, pushbuttons, blinking leds and so on whistles and bells on the receivers front panels. For digital modes the ideal receiver must be very simple, front end selectivity, manually adjustable gain, IF filter. All the goodies you can find on the HF receivers can be done by software.

Click to enlarge136kHz Converter door PA3GZC
Omdat mijn HF-transceiver (30kHz. - 30MHz.) op de nieuwe 136 kHz. banderg ongevoelig is, heb ik een converter gebouwd dat met een locale X-tal oscillator op 10.000 MHz. omhoog mengt naar 10.136 MHz.

Click to enlarge136kHz Direct Conversion Receiver by IK2PII
I describe a simple direct conversion receiver, thinked for QRSS and DFCW communications, as companion of ARGO or SPECTRAN programs. The receiver is useful also as portable receiver, fast turn-on receiver for a quick look an the band or as very low cost (and performances) spectrum analyzer.

Click to enlarge137 kHz QSD Receiver de F1AFJ
QSD c’est quoi ? : Quadrature Sample Detector ( voir le schéma pour le principe de fonctionement ) Ce détecteur a été inventé il y a seulement quelques années par un radioamateur américain, Dave Tayloe N7VE.

Click to enlargeA very simple receiver for 136kHz by SQ5BPF
This project is a very simple receiver for the 136kHz band, with an 12kHz IF. The IF can be fed into a sound card and further processed in software (for example in Spectrum Lab) to get a waterfall spectrum plot, receive CW by ear etc.

Click to enlargeA VLF-LF receiver - 10kHz to 500 kHz with resistance tuning. by VK5BR
The receiver design is a little different from the usual form. It has no variable capacitors or inductors except for one preset trimmer in a trap circuit. Tuning is carried out by a potentiometer, the resistance of which sets the frequency of the heterodyne oscillator.

Click to enlargeField strength meter for the 137 kHz band by PAØSE
The portable field strength meter to be described is a direct conversion receiver with two audio output signals. One is fed to headphones for tuning the meter to the signal to be measured. The other output feeds a digital multimeter.

Click to enlargeVLF/LF to 28.5 MHz Receiving Converter by DF3LP
This converter is one of my early projects. It is built using "ugly style" in a small metallic case usingBNC for in- and output connection including some internal shielding of the crystal oscillator.

Creation date : 06/08/2007 @ 22:39
Last update : 12/10/2023 @ 12:13
Category : 136 kHz Projects
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