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HF Propagation


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136 kHz Projects - Transmitters

100W Transmitter For 2200m by VE7SL
The transmitter utilizes a 4060 binary counter IC chip as both the crystal oscillator and frequency divider.I used a 2200 kHz crystal along with the 'divide-by' sixteen output to produce a signal at 137.5 kHz.

136 kHz transmitter vxo by IK2PII
After some test with my Xtal controlled transmitted I decided that my chances of two ways QSO should be improved by a tunable VFO.

136 kHz TX by PA3BCA
Now that PA stations have been kicked off 500 KHz (again!), and a new 500 KHz permit seems iffy in the short turn it is time to look for another challenge.
Therefor I am going to try 136 Khz.

136kHz 5W transmitter by OM2TW
Schematic of a 136kHz 5W transmitter.

137kHz CW Transmitter by OZ2CPU
This is the TX freq logic, using a 27Mhz CB xtal and dividers to generate the 136 Khz.Depending on how many outputs used the pulse width can also be controlled.

137kHz Low Power Transmitter by DF3LP
This is a very short description of my tiny low power cw transmitter for long wave. Depending on the PI-Filtercomponents and voltage for the final stage this transmitter would be able to reach the 100 Watts output level.

137kHz Transmit Transverter by G3XBM
In my recent tests on 137.5kHz WSPR I have been using the transverter below which gives around 30-40W output depending on the PA supply voltage. Using my 20m spaced earth-electrode antenna, with nothing in the air at all, I achieve an EIRP of around 30uW, which has been enough to get regular and consistent reports on WSPR2 from 250km (G8HUH).

200W 136 kHz transmitter by IK2PII
My first transmission experiments on 136 kHz band where based on a little TX build around surplus components, particularly the output transformer was wound on a TV EAT transformer. In Italy is impossible to find Philips 3C85 cores.

300W 136kHz Transmitter by GØMRF
The circuit is based around a high efficiency class D amplifier which uses two STW34NB20 power MOSFETS. The efficiency of the transformer design has been improved by Jim Moritz.

A 137 & 500 kHz Class-D Kilowatt by W1VD
The 137 & 500 kHz Class-D Kilowatt transmitter described here was built for use at WD2XNS (136 - 138 kHz) and WE2XGR/2 (505 - 515 kHz) to transmit modes that don't require linear amplification - cw, QRSS and various FSK modes.

A 700-W Switch-ModeTransmitter for 137 kHz by G4JNT
This project was inspired by thedesign of the transmitters usedfor the old Decca Navigator sys-tem operating in the 70-150 kHzbands. Decca was decommissioned in1999, and the hardware from some ofthe UK-based transmitters becameavailable to the amateur communitya couple of years ago.

A simple 137 kHz MEPT for the beginner LF enthusiast by VK1SV
The new band is now available to all amateurs in Australia that hold an advanced license. The lack of commercial equipment that will operate on this band has deterred many amateurs from getting into LF.

JUMA TX136 136 kHz Transmitter by OH2NLT & OH7SV
JUMA TX136 is a digitally controlled CW transmitter for 136 kHz (2200 meter) amateur radio band. The transmitter is available as a component kit which inludes all the electrical and mechanical components.

L. F. Transmitter using Direct Digital Synthesis by GØMRF
I've recently changed my LF driver from one which covers the band in 100 Hz steps, to the unit pictured below. This covers the band in increments of 0.25Hz and can operate "between the lines" of the Loran interference which is present throughout most of Europe.

PIC controlled CW/BPSK beacon transmitter by SM6LKM
is a description of a simple Lowfer beacon transmitter. The transmitter crystal in my prototype is a third overtone 52.5 MHz unit that is run in fundamental mode.

The Marathon - A low power transmitter for 136 kHz by GW4ALG
I believe that a simple low power transmitter for 136 kHz would make an excellent club project, with the very real prospect of not just making LF QSOs across town - but over significant distances too!

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