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HF Propagation


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136 kHz Projects - Antennas

Antennas for 136kHz by ON7YD
The main object of this page is to provide information. It has been deliberately kept simple, no fancy and flashy tricks, in order to achieve maximum compatibility for the different browsers and to allow fast downloading.

" ADA" : An Active Differential Antenne For 5Hz – 500 KHz by I1RFQ
This article describe the design, construction, measurements and receiving experiences made with such “exotic”antenna that fully covers ELF – SLF – ULF – VLF - LF and part of the MF.

2200m loaded inverted L Antenna by VK5FQ
It is possible to put up loaded antenna for the 2200m amateur radio (HAM) band in a suburban backyard. As stated before, if you have a suitably located tree or two and/or a flagpole or like, then go for it.

A 10' Receiving Loop for LF DX Work by VE7SL
My ten foot air-core receiving loop was originally designed and constructed for NDB DXing. More recently, it has been pressed into service for LOWFER DX work.

A Broadband Shielded Receiving Loop for LF DX Work by VE7SL
This is a description of a broadband ( ~40kHz - 500kHz) shielded receiving loop and preamplifier suitable for low-noise LF reception. The preamplifier was originally developed by the late Ralph Burhans, a dedicated engineer and LF experimenter.

A Really Simple LF Receiving Loop by KØLR
Mitch Powell has been having such good success with a receiving loop suspended in a tree that I decided to do the same thing. My original plan was to make an X-frame of PVC pipe with 15 foot diagonals.

Constructing a LowFER Antenna by W9RB
Getting on the air with a LowFER station is more complicated than getting on the ham bands since commercial equipment isn't available and construction is involved. The "RB" LowFER antenna is 31 feet tall with a 24 foot diameter top hat.

Experimental 136kHz Vertical Antenna by G3YMC
The vertical at the G3YMC QTH is based on my old Butternut HF2V 40/80m vertical. This forms the vertical section of the antenna, and is free standing at 10m high.

Receiving Loop for Long Waves by DF3LP
One major problem receiving long waves (e.g. 137 kHz ham band) is the presence of local noise sources. So I decided to erect an antenna which is able to cancel out this unwanted source.

Superloop receiving antenna for 136kHz by G3LDO
I decided to redesign the plastic waste pipe special because if its inherent weather resistant structure This time I made it twice the size and used Litz wire from the Crawley club source. This antenna turned out to be very good and outperformed all other loops built previously.

The Big Loop Project by VK2ZAY
OK, it isn't large in terms of the wavelengths it was built to capture, but large enough and composed of enough copper to need a substantial wooden frame. It has 51 turns of heavy (4mm squared) wire, a side length of 1 metre.

The G3YMC Loop Antenna by G3YMC
The QTH at G3YMC is in a typical suburban estate with terraced houses on all sides and a back garden of 15m x 7m. ... A loop antenna seemed the ideal answer.

The Octoloop by N4YWK
The octoloop is a length of 25 pair telephone wire inside an octagonal loop shield of 3/4 hard copper pipe. Mine is about 7 ft dia and wired for 50 turns, and gimballed for noise rejection.

Vertical antenna with inductive toploading by ON7YD
In an environement with a lot of 'vertical objects' (trees etc.) close to the antenna inductive toploading can significantly increase the performance of a short vertical antenna.

WD2XNS 137 kHz Transmit Antenna by W1VD
The Marconi transmit antenna in use at WD2XNS is easier to describe than it is to photograph! It's radiator consists of a #14 THHN vertical wire 95' tall. The top of the radiator connects to a three wire tophat suspended between two Rohn 25 towers (110' and 100' tall) that are located 100'apart.

250 - 400 µH Variometer by GØMRF
Tuning an LF antenna can be tricky. An antenna that's much shorter than a quarter wavelength will have a high Q and consequently a narrow bandwidth. A loading coil with a series of taps can be used, but a constantly adjustable inductor like a variometer will make tuning a lot easier.

Compact ferrite loading coil for LW antennas by DK5PT
What I am using for LF antenna matching is a relatively small ferrite pot-core instead of big coupled air coils.
Pot cores are primarily used for power transformers in switching supplies , not usually for high Q coil applications. The core is a SIEMENS PM74/59 with 74mm diameter. The ferrite is N27.

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