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HF Propagation


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Multiband HF Projects - Amplifiers

Click to enlarge18 dB LT1253 DDS Amplifier by K8IQY
This 18 dB gain amplifier was built Manhattan-style to evaluate the Linear Technology LT1253 dual video amplifier as a candidate output amplifier for DDS systems employing the Analog Devices AD9850 and similar devices.

Click to enlarge500 Watt PA by SMØVPO
Although I am an avid proponent of QRP (using reasonable power levels), there are times when I wish that I could run 1,000,000 watts and point it in a particular direction.

Click to enlarge6146B Amplifier by AA8V
After I completed the 6CL6 One Tube Transmitter, I decided that I wanted to build a matching amplifier. Though the transmitter was mostly my work, a lot of the work was that of Jim Trutko, W8EXI, and I wanted to build a piece of equipment that was 100% my work.

Click to enlarge6AG7 Amplifier by AA8V
After using the 6CL6 One Tube Transmitter and the 6146B amplifier on the air for several years, I decided that it would be great to have VFO control, rather than crystal control.

Click to enlargeKISS 70W Power Amplifier using VHF Bipolar Transistors by PAØFRI
This 10 - 80 m amplifier is using two VHF bilolar power transistors PHILIPS BLW60. The gain of a VHF bipolar transistor can be very high but the amplifier was perfectly stable in the experimental phase.

Click to enlargeA 1 kW SSPA for 1.8-54 MHz by W6PQL
It's been a while since I built an amp for HF; I'd have to go back to the 60's and a pair of the venerable 3-500z tubes that I put together back then. Time to upgrade, so I built this one.

Klik voor vergrotingA low cost 600 watt ultra-linear amplifier by IW5EDI
This compact little amplifier is the brain-child of Pat Murdoch, ZL1AXB, in Auckland, New Zealand. It is only 11″ wide, 4″ high, and 9″ deep. In most respects it is a typical grounded grid linear amplifier, with the exception of a rather unique tuned cathode input circuit that was developed by Pat over 10 years ago.

Click to enlargeA MosFet PA by G3ONL
This circuit was described in Sprat 73 by G3ONL and is capable of 5 watts out on all bands. Diode D1 is included to protect the power device, preferrably a hot carrier or gold bonded germanium diode.

Klik voor vergrotingAllmode 5-band RF Power Amplifier for the HF 80, 40, 30, 20 and 17 meterband by ON6MU
This project uses a widely available IRF510 MOSFET. This N-Channel enhancement mode silicon gate power field effect transistor is an advanced power MOSFET designed, tested, and guaranteed to withstand a specified level of energy in the breakdown avalanche mode of operation.

Click to enlargeBasic Linear Amplifier by SMØVPO
This is both a project AND a bit of basic theory regarding the design of wide-band HF power amplifiers. As usual, it is prompted as a result of e-mail in which I have to repeat myself over and over again.

Click to enlargeHF Bands QRP Linear Amplifier by SMØVPO
This is a rather unusual QRP Power Amplifier design, with a wide frequency response; within three dB's from 300KHz to 30MHz. Overall gain is in the region of 16dB and the final output power may be well over four watts.

Click to enlargeHF Linear RF Power Amplifier by YBØAH
It is nowadays hard to find replacement for RF Final tubes such as 6146B 6JS6 etc. Stocks in the market seem to be very limited, besides it is very expensive too.

HF Tube Power Amplifier by 4Z4VC

Click to enlargeJBOT An SSB linear amplifier made from Just a Bunch of Transistors by VU2ESE
JBOT stands for Just a Bunch of Transistors. It is a simple, stable and easy to build 5 watts linear amplifier build out of a bunch of ordinary low power NPN transistors.

Click to enlargeLinear-Endstufe mit PL509 / PL519 durch DL2YEO
Die PL509/519 sind zwar keine echten Senderöhren, aber diverse Artikel und Bauprojekte im Internet belegen, dass man damit durchaus eine zufriendstellend funktionierende KW-Endstufe (Linear RF Amplifier) für wenig Geld bauen kann.

Click to enlargeMy 813 Linear Amplifier Project by WB8ERJ
Actually this rig came back to haunt me. You see when I was in high school, I was a member of an Explorer post that was into Ham Radio. There was a big room full of WWII surplus gear. This particular rig was our "pet" project.

Click to enlargePL519 FRINEAR 150, 150 W HF Amplifier by PAØFRI
Being a passive-grid amplifier, most of the input power is dissipated in a non inductieve (carbon) resistor applied to the control-grid of the valve. This type of linear has many desirable features, ...

Click to enlargePL519 400W Grounded Grid Amplifier, FRINEAR 400 by PAØFRI
The regular visiting of ham flea markets is a money-saving way to obtain parts for a home-brew linear amplifier meeting the requirements of the Telecom authorities.

Click to enlargePower Amplifier 3 - 400 Watt HF by PA1APW
Because the second Amp is a succes I have ask Jan PA0SSB for another amplifier with more power.

Click to enlargePush-pull Linear Amplifier with NE592 Driver by DL2YEO
Transformer T1 matches the relatively low impedance present at the VFO FET gate to the balanced inputs of the NE592. With a unipolar power supply, it is necessary to bias both inputs to roughly one-half of Vcc.

Click to enlargeQRO GU-84B Tetrode by NI4L
The GU-84B is a ceramic-metal forced-air cooled tetrode intended for use in power amplifiers with distributed amplification and for SSB-signal amplification with output power up to 2.5 kW at frequencies up to 75 MHz ...

Click to enlargeQRP HF Linear Amplifier by SMØVPO
This project was a particular surprise for me in that the BC547 (equiv 2N2222) can be used to build a 500mW linear amplifer covering the entire HF band with excelent spectral purity and no neutralising at all.

Click to enlargeSMØVPO 500mW Linear Amplifier by VK2ZAY
This is my implementation of SM0VPO's tiny HF linear amplifier. You can find his original page about the design here: Harry's Homebrew Homepages.

Click to enlargeSmall portable HF PA by PH2LB
Working for a while with my ILER 20 MK2 QRP SSB tranciever and still likeing the QRP work, I thought it would be time for a new portable project.Having a lot of compontents laying around the idea of a small portable HF PA was born.

Click to enlargeTB3/750 FRINEAR-750 by PAØFRI
I purchased an old Yaesu FL-1000 (4 × 6KD6) (fig») that had changed bands and countries several times, in the course of which it had undergone various modifications.

Click to enlargeThe 500W PA by G3YXM
This is the base station version of my Throbatron MosFet PA, it hasn't gone off bang for over ten years now! This is a two-band (160 and 80) version. I have tried it on 40, and publish filter details, but the output is only about 250W and it needs more drive.

Click to enlargeWA2EBY IRF510 amplifier by LBØMG
The WA2EBY amplifier is a famous linear amplifier project published in QST in March and April 1999 by Mike Kossor WA2EBY. As this amplifier can give up to 50W out with 1W drive, it is a perfect pair for my Softrock RXTX amplifier.

Click to enlargeWideband class-A low-power amplifier by IN3OTD
The amplifier is quite simple; the drain supply is 12 V and the quiescent drain current is 100 mA, which is obtained with a gate bias around 3.3 V. The feedback network between drain and gate helps in bringing the input and output impedances close to 50 Ω.

Click to enlargeWingfoot 813 Amplifier by AA8V
Designed around the popular (in the 1950's) 813 beam power tetrode, the amplifier was unfinished and incomplete.

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