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HF Propagation


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Multiband HF Projects - Longwire Antennas

160–80–40m End Fed Antenna by GŘCSK
At the Junction Box , coax inner connects to the antenna wire (blue) and braid connects to the brown wire and ground spike.

A 40m through 20m QRO End Fed Half Wave Antenna Coupler by AA5TB
I built the circuit into a plastic and waterproof electrical box that I had purchased at The Home Depot. The box is made by Carlon and is 26 cubic inches in size. I used 1/4" stainless steel hardware for the antenna and ground connections and a small terminal strip to mount the components.

Building and Understanding Your Multiband End-Fed Half-Wave Antenna by KW4TI
... wouldn’t it be better just to stop at a campsite, take out your radio, throw a wire up a tree, adjust a tuning knob, and get on the air?
This is exactly the convenience the end-fed half-wave antenna (EFHWA) offers.

Draadantenne door PA3I
Vertical antenne voor de vakantie is handig.
Een soort glasfiber hengel 12,50 M lang besteld bij "DX WIRE"
Met balun en 11 M draad verticaal kan ook natuurlijk in horizontale richting!

End-Fed for 20m multi band by PAŘROB
Base: End-Fed antenna for 20m, 10 meter in length.
FT-140-43 ferrite toroid impedance transformer (UnUn).

End-Fed Half-Wave Antenna & Tuner by VK2ZAY
For the on-going 2007 ARNSW Homebrew Group Challenge work I needed a simple 80 metre antenna. As a home-unit resident the size of a full half-wave is pretty impractical, but I decided to try it so I had a base-line to compare future shortened verticals to.

Let's Build an EFHW Antenna
Building antennas is a fun learning experience for any ham operator and one that will serve you well for many years. Knowing how to build an antenna also saves you a bit of money from buying the commercial ones online that can range from $40 up to $180.

Long wire antenna for portable operations by VK6YSF
With the view to establish a quick and easy multi-band antenna deployment for portable and camping operations a simple long wire antenna with an earth or earth plus counterpoise arrangement with a 9:1 voltage unun including a tuner or simply with a tuner is one possible solution.

Multi-Band End-Fed Antenna by N4SPP
As the name suggests, an "end-fed" antenna is just that: the radiating element is fed at one of its ends, instead of somewhere in-between its two ends (center-fed like a dipole, or off-center-fed).

Multiband End-fed Half-wave EFHW Antenna by VU2NSB
The End Fed Half Wave antenna is simple to build and is a multiband antenna, it has several attributes that make its overall performance far less than optimum for any serious HF DX operator’s liking.

The W3EDP HF Antenna
The W3EDP end fed wire antenna lends itself readily to QRP and portable operation. A simple matching unit is needed to couple the wire to the rig and a counterpoise is required for some bands, ...

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