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HF Propagation


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Multiband HF Projects - Dipole Antennas

"Buddipole" - A Portable Dipole Antenna Design by W3FF
This site is for those hams who are seeking a high performance homebrew antenna for hf portable use. Because I wanted to ... communicate on HF, I designed a portable dipole antenna out of easily-found and low-cost materials.

Click to enlarge"KGD" Short Mono-Band Dipole Antennas by N4SPP
This antenna project is my implementation of the German "KGD" antenna: the "Kurz Geratener Dipol" (i.e., "shorty dipole").

“Safari” Inverted V Antenna by G3RWF
This arrangement is used to detach the wire for 7.0MHz and 3.5MHz to make the antenna even lighter for the higher Bands. A 1:1 balun was not used with this antenna design, and no RF feedback was experienced, but one can be used if required.

4 Band Off Centre Fed Dipole (40-20-15-10m ) by K1POO
“Feeding the Off Centre Dipole” ( Electronics World, November 1996) describes his theoretical study of the feed point of a shorter 40m version of the VS1AA OCFD, suggesting that the 1/3 + 2/3 split is not the best split for operating on 4 bands and concludes that the 1/6+5/6 split provides the best overall 4-band performance.

40-10 Meter Portable dipole by AD5X
This 40-10 meter portable antenna uses switches to disconnect sections of the antenna for 20-10 meter operation, and clip-on inductors to extend operation to 30- and 40-meters.

Click to enlarge40-10 mtrs "Cobra" Folded Dipole by N4SPP
"Loading" is a way to lower the (primary) resonant frequency of an antenna radiator. This technique is typically used in antennas that have radiating elements that are too short for the desired resonance frequency.

Click to enlarge40-10 mtrs Yo-Yo "Vacation" Dipole by N4SPP
A "yo-yo" dipole antenna? Yes! Is it special? Not really! Is it new? Not really! My idea? Not at all! It is just a simple wire dipole that is easily stored, easily transportable, and easily deployed when away from home.

80-10m Doublet Antenna by G3RWF
Doublets can use either 450 ohm ladder-line for his feeder back to the shack but 300 ohm ladder-line or open wire feeder can also be used

Click to enlarge800 Watt FD4 Multi-Band Antenna With 1:4 Super Balun by PA9T
Project for a multi-band antenna for the 80, 40, 20, 17, 12, 10 and 6 meter bands, including a 1:4 impedance transformer and a current balun handling 800 Watt with common mode attenuation up to 40 dB!

Click to enlargeA 2-band 'No-Trap' Trapped Dipole For Small Gardens by ZS5MGD
The title may seem to be a contradiction but I assure you it's not. The design was spurred from wanting to operate as many bands as possible while keeping the number of antennas to a minimum, ...

Click to enlargeA Small Garden Antenna by G4KIH
This antenna was described by Bill, G4KIH in Sprat 52 and is actually a G5RV modified to fit into a small space. Although a compromise, it performs well. Spacers made from glass fibre sheet cut into strips was used, ...

Click to enlargeA Stealthy HF Coat Hanger Antenna by KR1ST
No, this is not about some cute antenna that's about the size of an oatmeal box and runs at 100% efficiency from 160 all the way up to 10 meters (and 6 meters if you leave the oats). In fact, there's nothing new on this page. It's just about a very common HF antenna that I recently built.

Click to enlargeAll Band HF Dipole by VK6YSF
Despite the space limitations of a suburban block I wanted an antenna that would be suitable for all the HF amateur bands, including the so called WARC bands and ideally including the 160 metre band. The antenna system should also be useful for other HF services i.e. broadcast, military etc.

Click to enlargeAll Band HF Dipole Mk2 by VK6YSF
Improved All Band HF Doublet was constructed and refined from the experience from my previous All Band HF Doublet for use with a Z-Match Antenna Matching Unit.

Click to enlargeAnother Antenna Idea by G3YCC
It's a dipole set up whereby three (or more!) parallel dipoles are fed from one coax. The one I am using at the moment is for 14, 18 and 21 Mhz, but you can choose your own bands.

Click to enlargeBuild The "Cobra" Antenna by W4JOH
The original Cobra antenna designed by W4JOH can be built as an all band hf antenna covering either 160 thru 10 meters or 80 thru 10 meters and is built using standard insulated wire of about 14 gauge and fed with 450 ohm ladder line down to the shack into a tuner.

Click to enlargeCoaxial fed Windom Antenna by SV1BSX
The Windom is an Off-center wire multiband Antenna. The old version was fed just by a single-wire connected on 1/3 of antenna's overall length or with an open-line feeder (later versions). Here is another model with coaxial feeder, which is compatible with Solid States - 50 Ohm output transceivers.

Click to enlargeDipole Antennas by SMØVPO
The DIPOLE antenna is perhaps the simplest and easiest antenna to erect, but I have still seen installations where basic mistakes have been made. So here is some reference data, pointers and ideas that may help you.

Click to enlargeDubbele BAZOOKA Dipool door PAØWJG
De dubbel bazooka coax dipool, kortweg coax dipool genaamd, is helemaal van coaxkabel gemaakt. Het is een breedbandige halve golf antenne, welke effectief over een gehele amateur band gebruikt kan worden met slechts een kleine afwijking in de SWR.

FD3 (40m-20m-10m) OCF antenna by G8ODE
The FD3 OCFD antenna is modelled using MMANA-GAL basic freeware antenna analysis software. This assumes that antenna is 8.5 m above “real” ground with a conductivity of 5mS/m and a dielectric of 13.

G5RV Multi-band HF Dipole by G5RV
Louis Varney (G5RV) –SK, served in the Royal Corps of Signals in an HF Interception and DF unit , and was rapidly promoted to Captain. He was demobbed in 1946 and moved to a house in Stony Stratford that had a garden barely 100ft long - and a need for a multi-band HF antenna.

G5RV U-Shape Installation by G8ODE
The Garden is fairly small, being 57ft wide, the LHS is 30Feet deep and the RHS is 35ft deep i.e. too short for an in-line full-sized G5RV. Hence it is erected as an open square.

G7FEK Limited Space Antenna by G7FEK
This antenna was first conceived as a simple dual band antenna in 1988, in an attempt to achieve sensible dual band operation in a small garden of 14m (46 ft) length.

Click to enlargeHomemade Carolina Windom antenna by MØUKD
Here is my home HF antenna. It is an off centre fed dipole, with 10 feet of vertical radiator. It needs no tuner on 40m, 20m and 10m.

Multi-Band Antenna for 80-10M by G8OFZ
The diagram shows how the antenna is supported. A plastic conduit stand-off support is used at the centre of the antenna. This protrudes by 3 ft beyond the guttering of the house.

Click to enlargeMultiband Maypole HF Antenna by N4UJW
Traditional Definition of the Maypole: A tall pole with long ribbons (= narrow strips of cloth) fixed to the top of it, the ends of which people hold as people dance around the pole on the first of May.

Click to enlargeRotary Dipole for 20-10 mtrs by N4SPP
My local constraints: temporary installation, hand-crank mast; --> light weight, manageable for 1 person. I cover 40/80 with my mag loop and am not interested in the 30m band.

Click to enlargeSlinky Coil Dipole for 40-10 mtrs by N4SPP
A standard Slinky® is a toy made from a flexible 90-turn metal spring. It has diameter of 2¾ inch (≈7 cm). Each Slinky contains about 67 feet (20 m) of flat steel wire (1/10 inch wide), and weighs approximately ½ pound (225 gram).

Click to enlargeSpiral Dipole Antennas by KN9B
I have always been looking for a better performing HF antenna that would comply with my no antenna CC&R restrictions in my retirement community of single story homes on small size lots. This simply means my antenna solution must be invisible or not look like an antenna.

Click to enlargeThe "SRI" Multiband Fan Dipole by N4UJW
Based on research done by the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) to construct a three-frequency multi-band dipole that would work without any need for cut and try techniques, we pass on this information in the hope that it will help you more easily get this type of antenna on the air quicker.

Click to enlargeThe Fence Fan Dipole by W6HDG
The multiband fan dipole has always been a popular antenna choice for getting on several bands with a single feedline and without the need for an antenna tuner. The height is limited only by the nearest tall tree and the cost of the antenna is minimal.

Click to enlargeThe KJ4IIF Multiband "FAN" Dipole by KJ4IIF
I did not model this with any antenna modeling software. I did it the old fashioned way. With formula's, cut and prune, a cooler full of cold drinks and some friends to help pull that heavy antenna up in the air.

Click to enlargeThe Lattin 5 Band Antenna by W4JRW
The antenna was named for W4JRW who invented it and holds a patent on the basic principle and uses quarter wave stubs, which act as insulators at the frequency for which they are cut.

Click to enlargeThe KL3JM Modified "SRI" Multiband Fan Dipole by KL3JM
I built my SRI dipole for three bands, 80, 40 and 20 and designed it to be as light as possible since there would be no center support, just hanging between two trees.

The Monoband HF Dipole Antenna by WB8IMY
If you're looking for an easy antenna for your favorite HF band, you can't go wrong with a halfwavelength dipole!all you need are three insulators (one is used as your center connector) and some wire.

Click to enlargeThe Shorty Multy by IZ3AYQ
A balcony multiband antenna for rstricted space.

Verkorte dipool voor 3 banden door PAØFNB
Voor amateurs die weinig ruimte ter beschikking hebben voor het ophangen van antennes of voor het nemen van proefjes op de camping en de draden niet te veel op de plaats van de buren willen hebben, is de verkorte antenne een goed alternatief.

Click to enlargeVerkorte Universele Multiband Dipool 2x13.4m door PAØFRI
Deze antenne van slechts 2 × 13.4 m is bijzonder geschikt voor kleinbehuisde zendamateurs. In figuur 1a is een dipool van 40.2 m getekend die denkbeeldig opgebouwd is met zes draadstukken van 6.7 m.

Click to enlargeWindom Antenna by JA7KPI
I'm using homebrew Windom-Antenna recently. In the total length of this antenna is 41m, height is about 11m, and diameter of element is 2mm. However, it is up only about 4m height from a metallic roof.

Click to enlargeZig Zag Antenne Project door PE1KQP
Deze antenne is 50% korter dan de gestrekte uitvoering terwijl de draadlengte het zelfde is.
Het rendement is bijna gelijk aan de gestrekte uitvoering en met een spanlengte van 20m is deze antenne voor de 80 tot rn met 10m te gebruiken.

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