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30m Projekten - Ontvangers

Klik voor vergroting10,1 Mhz RX for BPSK or CW by LY3LP


Klik voor vergroting10MHz Autodyne Receiver by WA5BDU
The circuit also makes a fun little 30 meter CW receiver, considering its simplicity. It's tempting to call it a "three transistor receiver", but you'd need a couple more transistors to get audio to a halfway decent level.

Klik voor vergroting30 Meter Receiver Project by DL2YEO
The also as direct mixer described receiver consists out of a bandpass filter, mixer IC, VFO and AF filter. For the construction of this simple circuit only 22 parts and somef time at a weekend are needed.

Klik voor vergroting30m QRSS Receiver by GØUPL
The inspiration for this project was Paolo I1DFS, who used a simple SA602-based homebrew direct conversion receiver to produce some very nice QRSS reception reports, of my Junkbox QRSS beacon and others.

Klik voor vergroting30m Receiver by GØUPL
This simple receiver was originally intended to check the transmission of my 30m QRSS beacon. By tuning the 30m receiver to Russia's RWM timesignal on exactly 9996kHz I was able to calibrate my frequency counter.

Klik voor vergrotingA 30 Mtr Direct Conversion Receiver by MØAYF
It is a simple Direct Conversion design and while it does not yield state of the art performance it does provide a useful introductory receiver for qrss reception.

Klik voor vergrotingA WSPR receiver for 30m by ZL4SAE
Having developed an interest in WSPR last year, I purchased a very neat transmitter kit from QRP-LABS. After a couple of days of successful ‘beaconing’ on 30m WSPR the urge to construct a suitable WSPR receiver overcame me and I began researching the project in earnest.

Klik voor vergrotingQRSS 30m DC RX by OK2BX
Some time ago my son Tomáš came with idea, that we can build QRSS receiver for 30M band. He obtained crystals 10140kHz from internet and I studied what QRSS beacons are about.

Klik voor vergrotingThe AGC-80/30 by KE3IJ
After a while I began to think about eventually turning my AGC-80 prototype into a "Regenerodyne", and realized that there would be potential problems with "images" and also cross-talk (better, "leakage" or "bleed-through") between the 80 and 30 meter bands.

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