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70cm Projekten - Voorversterkers

Klik voor vergroting1 Watt 2.3 GHz RF Amplifier Using a MRF2001 by Mike Micelli
Simplicity and repeatability are featured in this 1-waat S-band amplifier design. The design uses an MRF2001 transistor as a common base, Class C amplifier. The amplifier delivers 1-watt output with 8 dB minimum gain at 24V, and is tunable from 2.25 to 2.35 GHz.

Klik voor vergroting2m & 70cm PREAMPS for Satellite work (ON6UG design) by ON7EQ
The PREAMP is of wideband design. Please note that for certain applications, a narrow band design would be more desirable. Be sure that the preamp is not overloaded by nearby FM broadcast or utility VHF-signals etc.

Klik voor vergroting432 MHz Low Noise Preamplifier for Moonbounce Operation and Weak Signal Reception by DF9CY
Moonbounce is the most challenging field in Amateur Radio. Everything must be designed for to provide an optimum performance. A very low noise preamplifier as described here is an essential must. It is easy and also cheap to build a very good one without spending a fortune for a commercial type.

Klik voor vergroting432MHz Low Noise Preamp with FHX35LG by DL5LF
Presenting you another preamplifier design, made by Noriyuki (JH0WJF).

Klik voor vergroting435 + 1296MHz ATF54143 Pre-amplifier by GØMRF
The prototype for this amplifier was originally designed for 70cm and was used on the 2004 '3B9C' Dx-pedition to Rodriguez Island for satellite and EME. It had a noise figure of 0.49dB with an associated gain of 20dB.

Klik voor vergrotingA 1296MHz 2* 2*2C39 Power Amplifier by DL4MEA
This is how all is assembled: A table just below the roof with my 23cm transverter and the power amplifier. Below the table you will see a battery of capacitors which should support the much too small transformer.

Klik voor vergrotingUHF (70cm Band) LNA by SV1BSX
A Low Noise Antenna pre-amplifier (LNA) is a simple unit which offers spectacular improvement in the quality of receiving signal, especially when the signal is very weak and it comes from long distance. This is a usual receiving condition in the Satellite reception, EME and UHF DX-ing.

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