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6m Projekten - Rondstralers

Klik voor vergroting1/2 λ antenna for 50MHz FM by JA1HWO
For beginners with 144,430MHz FM, FM mode is recommended to enjoy the same feeling at 50MHz. However, since this band has a large wavelength, the antenna becomes large and a high-performance antenna cannot be used easily.

Klik voor vergroting3-band whip antenna 144MHz, 430MHz & 50MHz by JA1HWO
This antenna is structurally simple, but adjustment is surprisingly difficult, so this antenna is for those who are slightly used to it.

Klik voor vergroting50 MHz CLC antenna by LY3LP


Klik voor vergroting50MHz 1/2 Wave Vertical Antenna by ON6MU
A much better type of antenna then a simple quatre wave and that has more gain is the 1/2 wavelength vertical. We know that the impedance of the 1/2 dipole is 70 Ohms when we attach the coax in the middle, but what if we were to attach our coax directly to the end?

Klik voor vergroting5/8 vertical groundplane antenna for 50MHz by ON6MU


Klik voor vergroting50MHz-Lambda/2-Vertical by DK7ZB
This antenna is very useful for receiving or scanning purposes, but you can use it for transmitting, too. It is 2,94m long and has a pi-configuration (Collins-Filter) for the matching.

Klik voor vergroting6 Meter 5/8 Wave Vertical Antenna by G3JVL
The G3JVL 6 Meter ground plane vertical is a compact antenna that is ideal for portable operations. If needed, it can be disassembled into a very small bundle no longer than the longest element.

Klik voor vergroting6 Meter 50 MHz Squalo Antenna by PA9T
An omnidirectional, horizontally polarised antenna for the 6-meterband / 50 MHz built by Thom van der Klis PA9T.

Klik voor vergroting6m omni-directional antenna by DL1GSJ
The design follows the idea of the so called "CobWebb-Antenna" for the high frequent shortwave bands. The basic concept of this idea appears to be a folded dipole made of twin-lead which is then bend in a circle of rectangle.

Klik voor vergrotingA 6m J-Pole Antenna using Ribbon Cable by G4AON
There are many of the popular J-Pole antennas described on the Internet, most are either ribbon cable antennas for the 2m band, or quite elaborate copper/aluminium tube versions for 6 metres. I was unable to find a 6m ribbon cable one, so I set about making one.

Klik voor vergrotingA vertically-polarised VK2ABQ Antenna by GWØGHF
For six metre FM/mobile/repeater working I have found this aerial to be the best of all the verticals I have tried. The design is that of VK2ABQ, a well documented one which I have scaled down for 50MHz.

Klik voor vergrotingAntenne halo Sur 50MHz de F6CHT
Cette antenne n'as pas la prétention de rivaliser avec une beam mais elle m'a permis de réaliser de nombreux contacts depuis le dep 56 en france et sur l'europe ,la conception est anglaise.

Klik voor vergrotingHalo for 6 meters band by IW5EDI
This antenna maintains good omni-directional horizontal polarization. Basically the antenna is a half wave dipole bent into a circle,BUT shorter than a dipole for this frequency.

Klik voor vergrotingHome Brew 6M Halo by W3DHJ
This is the 'Jones version' of the Lawn Chair 6M Halo as viewed through the rear window of the mobile. Ain't that just the sexiest thing you've ever seen on the outside of a vehicle?

Klik voor vergrotingOmni-directional mixed polarisation antenna for 50MHz & 70MHz by G8JNJ
This is a simple 'Halo & Stub' antenna which provides an omni-directional radiation pattern with mixed polarisation, which I built for use with the SUWS WEB SDR.

Klik voor vergrotingProduction of 50MHz mobile whip de JA1HWO
It is convenient if there is a small antenna at the Espo or mobile station partner, and if it is small it is something convenient and easy to store.

Klik voor vergrotingSimple 50MHz-J-Pole-Antenna by DK7ZB
This J-Pole is mounted on a fishing rod. The radiator L1 is an isolated copper-wire with a length of 281,5 cm (with not-insulated wire about 1-2% longer!). The quarter-wave matching sector L2 is made with 450-Ohm-Wireman-cable (length 133cm).

Slot-Cube Antenna for 6 Meters by W6NBC
In the January 2019 issue of QST, I introduced the slot-cube, a remark-ably small 2-meter base station antenna, with similar gain to a J-pole, and, like the popular homebrew ver-sion, soldered together from 1⁄2-inch copper water pipe.

Klik voor vergrotingSqualo antenna for 6m by PA3HCM
...the “Squalo” antenna, or square halo. In fact, it’s just a square folded dipole. It radiates in all directions, with -4dB gain on the sides (compared to the front and back side).

Klik voor vergrotingThe 6m Halo Antenna by KK5JY
he antenna is nothing more than a square loop of wire, approximately 30" (or ~76cm) per side. The loop is fed in the middle of one side, and the opposite side to the feed point has a gap in it. The result is a dipole antenna bent into the shape of a square, with one side of the square being slightly longer than λ / 8.

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