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472 kHz Projekten - Antenne's

" ADA" : An Active Differential Antenne For 5Hz – 500 KHz by I1RFQ
This article describe the design, construction, measurements and receiving experiences made with such “exotic”antenna that fully covers ELF – SLF – ULF – VLF - LF and part of the MF.

472 kHz Antenna by M1GEO
I started writing an ERP calculator for low and medium frequency, though it would cover any electrically short antenna.

630m loaded inverted L Antenna by VK5FQ
Again,yes. It is possible to put up loaded antenna for the 630m Ham band in a suburban backyard. As stated before, if you have a suitably located tree or two and/or a flagpole or like, then go for it.

A Broadband Shielded Receiving Loop for LF DX Work by VE7SL
This is a description of a broadband ( ~40kHz - 500kHz) shielded receiving loop and preamplifier suitable for low-noise LF reception. The preamplifier was originally developed by the late Ralph Burhans, a dedicated engineer and LF experimenter.

Magnetic loop receive antenna by PA3BCA
Today I built and placed a magnetic loop receive antenna in the backyard, replacing (for now) the pa0rdt miniwhip I used until July this year.
This active antenna also uses 12 volt power fed through the coax. It connects to the same pa3bca active antenna controller as the miniwhip.

New LF / MF Loop by VE7SL
The new 'loop' is not really loop-shaped but is rectangular (10' x 20') and more like a Flag antenna shape. I considered a Flag but really don't need any back-end nulling capability since I'm mainly interested in listening to the east and to the north.

A Homebrew 11.7 uHy Variometer by W5JGV
I needed a simple variometer to be able to vary the inductance in the matching network for my 600 Meter vertical antenna. After considering several options, I decided to build a variometer using some easily obtainable parts. The variometer described here allows a +/- 5.85 uHy swing while inserting a fixed 6.1 uHy inductance in the system.

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