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Multiband HF Projekten - SSB Zendontvangers

“Give me FIVE!" – A QRP SSB multiband transceiver by DK7IH
Building a multi band rig is, as you might conceive, much more complicated than setting up a monobander. Seems sensible.

A multi-band SSB QRP TRX by DM3MAT
Inspired by a design by SP5AHT, I wanted to build a multi-band SSB rig as my first TRX design (a bit bold, I know). The SP5AHT design is a super-het using only two SA612 ICs.

A QRP SSB Transceiver by WB9IPA
After having been substantially inactive for the last several years, I decided to get back into amateur radio. Having always preferred tinkering with radios over operating them, I decided ... to build a radio ...

An experimental DSB/CW QRP rig for 20 and 40 meter bands by IK3OIL
The building of an HF phone rig today isn't shurely a simple job, however I'd like to propose an easy-tomake project, suited for portable or emergency use.

An experimental HF 6-band SSB transceiver by DK7IH
An SSB radio for the HF bands will be presented. Featuring 12 to 20 Watts of output power (depending on DC supply), full DDS frequency generation, covering 6 major frequency bands (1.8, 3.5, 7, 14, 21 and 28 MHz) within the short wave amateur radio spectrum. The rig also features colored LCD and front panel backlight.

DDS HF Transceiver SSB/CW by YO4HFU
This SSB/CW transceiver is designed to cover 160m-10m amateur bands. VU3CNS DDS with AD9850/1 was used with satisfactory performances. Some spurious can be found above 14MHz band. DDS clock signal (150MHz) is an external oscillator to minimize the phase noise.

Direct Conversion HF Transceiver with DDS LO by OH7SV & OH2NLT
Direct conversion HF radio with DDS frequency synthesizer is very interesting concept. OH7SV and OH2NLT are experimenting with such rig. Full stories will become available when project matures. Here we have some preview pictures and material.

Het Wiel, een DSB Transceiver voor 80, 40 of 20 Meter door PA3ANG
De transceiver dankt zijn naam aan het nachtuilen-net. Men vond dat Fred PA0MER opnieuw het wiel had uitgevonden. In dit geval een zend/ontvanger die gebruik maakt van ‘n techniek uit het verleden.

HF Transceiver by 4Z4VC
The transceiver presented in this article is designed to operate in the radio amateur bands of the HF frequencies (3-30MHz).

High Performance HF Transceiver by YO3DAC/VA3IUL
High Performance HF Transceiver.

Home brew HF SSB transceiver by VK3EPW
I responded a CQ call on 14.160MHz today and ended up having an entertaining conversation with Peter, VK3EPW. He's 1,000Km away, was running 15W and using a home made transceiver, so naturally I asked for more information.

Homebrew 80/40/20m SSB SDR Phasing Rig by ZL2CTM
Please see my YouTube channel for accompanying/explanation videos.

Homebrew 80/40/20m SSB SDR Phasing Rig by ZL2CTM
Videos featuring a SDR SSB phasing rig using the Teensy 3.5.

Homebrew 80m/40m/20m SSB Rig by ZL2CTM
Ideas for the next base rig. Aim is to make this my daily rig, and upon which enhancements can be made.

Homebrew CW/SSB Rig by ZL2CTM
A video series looking at the design and construction of a simple single conversion SSB transceiver. While I am certainly no expert, I am keen to share what little I do know in an effort to encourage others to give it a go too. If I can do, then you certainly can!

Homebrew DSB-SC Rig by ZL2CTM

Homebrew MC1350P based SSB Rig by ZL2CTM
A video series looking at the design and construction a 40m or 20m SSB rig based around a MC1350P monolithic IF amplifier.

Homebrew SSB Rig based on MC1350P IF Amp by ZL2CTM
See the YouTube channel for details.

Home-Made KW-Transceiver durch DC4KU
Prinzipaufbau eines großsignalfesten KW-Transceivers mit hochliegender 1. ZF.

JUMA-TRX2 High Performance Transceiver by OH2NLT & OH7SV
JUMA TRX2A is a high dynamic range transceiver for SSB and CW, using the quadrature sampling technique for demodulation and modulation with the low noise phasing method.

Multiband shortwave tranceiver by PE1JPD
During the spring 2013 I decided to build a shortwave transceiver to participate in the vacation round on 40meters. First with 15W only on 40 meters, and with an open dipole on the camping 3 meters above ground I worked a lot of stations in all of Europe.

Simple Homebrew SSB Rig by ZL2CTM
Looking to build a simple DSB suppressed carrier or SSB rig.

SPOTTO - A Direct Conversion High Performance Universal DSB Transceiver by Kang. K.P.S.
When I incepted the design of SPOTTO the focus was mainly on a simple and quieter high performance receiver with excellent sensitivity and dynamic performance combined with a simple DSB transmitter offering cleanest and moderate output for QRP use.

The G4CLF Transceiver Board by G4CLF
The G4CLF Transceiver is the heart of a simple, but high performance, SSB transceiver system developed in the Applications Laboratories of Plessey Semiconductors Ltd in the late 1970s and published in 1980.

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