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20m Projekten - Vertikale Antenne's

Klik voor vergroting10m band helical whip antenna [Ⅱ] by JA1HWO
The operation is a general "shortened mobile whip" of 1/4 wavelength, and the matching is done by L matching using a coil.

Klik voor vergroting20 mtrs Short Loaded Verticals by N4SPP
In May of 2008, I dug up my my 20 meter mid-loaded short dipole from a dark corner of my "antenna cemetery". This time I installed in a vertical position. Note that each of the two fishing poles that make up the arms of the dipole, is almost 3 meters long.

20m Elevated Vertical Antenna by G8ODE
It may be necessary to dismount the fishing pole from the aluminium plate several times in order to adjust the length of the vertical and reposition the halo slightly on the pole.

20m Fibreglass Vertical Mobile Antenna by EA5AVL
The 20m antenna is simple and cheap to make, and has a performance that matches commercial antennas but at cost considerably lower. The design was purposely based on a telescoping fibre glass fishing rod as this allows it to be easily stowed away in the car.

20m G4BUD Mobile Whip by G8ODE
This particular antenna was built specifically to take on holiday to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, after it was originally tested from an inland site in the UK.

20m Half-Wave End Fed - Stub Matched by G8ODE
A Half wave antenna has a high impedance feed point. This can be matched using a 1/4 wave stub matching section and converts the 40m vertical into an “L”-shaped 20m J-Pole antenna

Klik voor vergroting20m T-Monopole (Short Vertical) by AA5TB
During the very warm and extremely dry start to 2006 I thought it would be a good time to do some antenna experimenting. I wanted to see how well a ground mounted vertical monopole would work on 20m in my small city sized lot. The tallest vertical support that I had available at the time was a 10 foot long wooden pole.

Klik voor vergrotingC-Pole Antenna by W5USJ
Ever hear of a "C Pole"? Well Chuck (W5USJ) Carpenter not only has. He Built one for 20 meters.

Klik voor vergrotingC-Pole Portable Antenna For 20M by HB9MTN
A vertical that's small, light and portable, needs no counterpoise and performs as well as a home antenna

Klik voor vergrotingHow to make a helical whip antenna for 10m by JA1HWO
This antenna is commonly used in the 10m FM group, and is known by its helical model number as "HE-OO".

Klik voor vergrotingThe 10/15/20 Meter Trap Vertical Antenna by KGØZZ
This antenna project came out very nice. It's a rugged homebrew multi-band trap vertical antenna that works the 10, 15, and 20 meter amateur radio bands. The antenna can be mounted on the ground or on a mast.

The 20m VersaTee Vertical Phased Array by KE4UYP
When setting up the two verticals the height above ground at the feed point / VersaTee equals 10 feet for both verticals. The elevated radials for example would both slope down to the north, If you want the array to be unidirectional and pointing to the North. The second vertical would be either East or west of the first one.

Klik voor vergrotingThe 4X4 Slimtenna by 4X4LH
Here comes my modification of the Slim Jim antenna which I call “The 4X4 Slimtenna”. The esteemed Slim Jim antenna was invented by Fred Judd G2BCX on the basis of the J Pole antenna, which was based on the German Zepelin antenna.

Klik voor vergrotingUne antenne verticale 10/14MHz à trappe coaxiale de F6GLZ
Cet article traite plutôt de la manière de construire une trappe coaxiale pour une antenne verticale.

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