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6m Projekten - Zenders

Klik voor vergroting3 Transistor 50MHz FM transmittor by JF1OZL
In Japanese CQ magazine, I informed about my 3 transistor CW transceiver (Jun1992) and 3 transistor SSB transceiver (Nov1992). I wanted to inform about FM transceiver, but it was not informed on that book.

Klik voor vergroting50 Mc QRP /p TX by LY3LP
XTAL 16,3944 Mc = 50,8032 Mc

Klik voor vergroting50 MHz mini beacon by LY3LP

Klik voor vergroting50,06- 50,120 MHz TX by LY3LP

Klik voor vergrotingOne Transistor TX (50MHz DSB) by JF1OZL
I challenged to make very simple transmitter. It is constructed with only one transistor. It makes DSB signal. It can make QSO with normal SSB station.

Klik voor vergrotingThe 6 Metre Beacon Project by GJ3RAX
A few years ago I was asked, by Geoff GJ4ICD, to help design and make some beacons for the 6 metre band. These were to be sent to various parts of the world which were not covered by existing beacons.

Klik voor vergrotingTwo types of 3 transistor 50MHz DSB transmittor by JF1OZL
I will show you two types of DSB transmitter. ** Type1 uses active modulator. Type2 uses passive modulator. Each type outputs the same 100mw power. And also each type uses three transistors.

Klik voor vergrotingVHF signal generator by JF1OZL
I made a simple VHF signal generator in order to measure the characteristic of low pass filter. The filter is made to use on 50MHz SSB transceiver.

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