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6m Projekten - Antenne's

Klik voor vergroting2 Element Six Meter Antenna by K4MMG
The 6 meter antenna has two elements and is housed in ½ inch pvc tubing, using T connectors to form the yagi configuration, and another T is located mid-way between the two elements for support.

Klik voor vergroting3 Element 50MHz Long Yagi by ON6MU
VHF Optimized Yagi Antenna for the 6-meterband (50 Mhz) RE-A50Y3.

Klik voor vergroting50MHz 1/2 Wave Vertical Antenna by ON6MU
The bandwidth of these antennas are good, they can easily span the entire 50Mc band and more with a low SWR. But, in this design, the bandwidth is limited to approx. 600kc (without re-tuning C1 or C2). This allows you to tweak the antenna to your desired band and avoid interference and reduce intermodulation.

Klik voor vergroting50MHz 5/8 Wave Groundplane Antenna by ON6MU
5/8 vertical groundplane antenna for 50MHz RE-A50V58.

Klik voor vergroting50MHz High Gain Antenna by ZS2FM
An efficient antenna system is a prerequisite for more successful six metre operation. Most amateurs start off with a four element yagi, which is more than suitable for F2 propagation when signals are very strong.

Klik voor vergroting50MHz-Lambda/2-Vertical by DK7ZB
This antenna is very useful for receiving or scanning purposes, but you can use it for transmitting, too. It is 2,94m long and has a pi-configuration (Collins-Filter) for the matching.

Klik voor vergroting50MHz "SKYDOOR" JA1HWO Original Antenna by JA1HWO
The SKYDOOR is 6m band antenna. It is 1 loop simple Antenna.
This site is mainly in Japanese language, but the pictures speak for themselves.

Klik voor vergroting6 Meter 5/8 Wave Vertical Antenna by G3JVL
The G3JVL 6M ground plane vertical is a compact antenna that is ideal for portable operations. If needed, it can be disassembled into a very small bundle no longer than the longest element.

6 Meter Moxon by WAØWOX
Built around a 1/2" pvc frame, Larry's 6 meter moxon antenna is made from #8 aluminum ground wire available from Radio Shack. Larry's motivation in considering the moxon design was to deal with very strong rfi ...

Klik voor vergroting6 Meters Small Magnetic Loop by PY1AHD
The 6 meters loop is made with a section of 1 meter 70 centimeters, 9 mms. soft copper tube closed by a 10 Pico farads mini butterfly capacitor.
This loop was designed to be used with a QRP transceiver like the Yaesu FT 817 or the Icom IC 703.

Klik voor vergroting6 Meter Rotatable Delta Loop by KK5ID
The Delta Loop is bi-directional, with usable lobes off the ends and has been one of my favorite antennas. I have found that it will perform quite well in a fixed position.

Klik voor vergrotingA four element antenna for the 50 MHz Amateur Radio Band by DF9CY
After working three years with a homemade DL6WU type 6-element-antenna, I was intended to build something new as the old antenna decided to fall apart. So I came to this one. After some calculations I came to a 4 element yagi.

Klik voor vergrotingAntenne 3 éléments pour le 50 Mhz de F6FEO
Il s'agit de remplacer mon ancienne Jungle Job, par un modèle ayant plus de gain, sans présenter trop de prise au vent. Mon choix s'est porté sur une beam 3 éléments décrite sur le site de DK7ZB.

Klik voor vergrotingAntenne halo Sur 50MHz de F6CHT
Cette antenne n'as pas la prétention de rivaliser avec une beam mais elle m'a permis de réaliser de nombreux contacts depuis le dep 56 en france et sur l'europe ,la conception est anglaise.

Klik voor vergrotingDe BBC Quad door PA3FKM
Om toch maar weer eens op 6 Meter QRV te kunnen zijn heb ik eens wat met antenne's geexpirimenteerd.
Toen adviseerde Paul PE1BBC mij om eens een wiebertje te proberen. Een quad is simpel te maken, en redelijk breedbandig (lees niet kritisch).

Klik voor vergrotingThe Coax Feed 6 Meter Extended Double Zepp Zip Cord Antenna by LA2PJ
This is a very inexpensive and easy antenna to build and has been used for many years in Europe by 6 Meter operators with great success!

Klik voor vergrotingConstruction Details for 50MHz-Yagis in DK7ZB-Design
The 50MHz-Yagis are designed with an impedance of 12.5Ohm or 28Ohm. The 12.5-Ohm-Yagis are designed with small bandwidth (300KHz) at highest possible gain and must be mounted in a clear surrounding.

Klik voor vergrotingA Hentenna for 6 Meters by JR1LZK
Deze site is geheel in het Japans, maar de foto's en de tekening spreken boekdelen.

Klik voor vergrotingThe Hentenna Re-visited
"The following article has been re-edited for the English language from the Japanese site. Minor errors and corrections have been made."

Klik voor vergroting6 Meter Hentenna Homebrew Project by K5USS
What do you call a directional antenna that is a full wave loop on 6 meters, is horizontally polarized but is mounted vertical, has a 50 ohm impedance, and works great for 6 meter SSB? You call it the Hentenna.

Klik voor vergrotingA portable three element 6M yagi for less than twenty pounds! by PA3HBB/GØBZF
Having just got myself a new Alinco DX-70 at Friedrichshafen, I required a simple beam antenna for the coming summer. So I looked at the criteria I needed...

Klik voor vergrotingSimple 50MHz-J-Pole-Antenna by DK7ZB
This J-Pole is mounted on a fishing rod. The radiator L1 is an isolated copper-wire with a length of 281,5 cm (with not-insulated wire about 1-2% longer!). The quarter-wave matching sector L2 is made with 450-Ohm-Wireman-cable (length 133cm).

Klik voor vergrotingA Six element antenna for the 50 MHz Amateur Radio Band / Version 4 by DF9CY
I have mounted the 6 Element antenna about 2 meters above my 3 element antenna for 28 MHz. (The 28 MHz antenna is a well performing "EZNEC redesigned" CB radio antenna)

Klik voor vergrotingSix Meter Moxon Antenna by N2MH
This is a picture of the whole antenna on the ground in my driveway. The driven element is in front and the reflector is in the rear.The dimensions are approximately 29 inches deep by just under 7 feet long.

Klik voor vergrotingSqualo antenna for 6m by PA3HCM
...the “Squalo” antenna, or square halo. In fact, it’s just a square folded dipole. It radiates in all directions, with -4dB gain on the sides (compared to the front and back side).

Klik voor vergrotingA vertically-polarised VK2ABQ Antenna by GWØGHF
For six metre FM/mobile/repeater working I have found this aerial to be the best of all the verticals I have tried. The design is that of VK2ABQ, a well documented one which I have scaled down for 50MHz.

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