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2m Projekten - Zenders

Klik voor vergroting144MHz ARDF transmitter by ON7YD
The hart of the transmitter is the integrated circuit ICS501 that allows it to generate a stable a clean signal on 144MHz using just a few components.

Klik voor vergroting144MHz CW Transmitter by OZ2CPU
Block Schematic of my homemade 144.000 MHz CW 1.5Watt transmitter. The Xtal osc is riped from an old AT-PC running 16MHz, it requeres 5.0 volt and use 18mA.

Klik voor vergroting144MHz low power ARDF transmitter by ON7YD
This is a easy to build and low cost 144MHz mini transmitter that produces a remarkable 'clean' 144MHz signal up to 15 mW. It can also be used as exciter to drive a PA.

Klik voor vergroting145,95 MHz sattelite QRP TX by LY3LP
With TX have done trought RS 12 an qso,it is needed 5-6 el cris cros antenna

Klik voor vergroting2m 0.5w Transmitter TRO-2 by G3ZOI
This version of the 2m ARDF Transmitter, has a reduced pcb size designed to sit over a 6xAA battery pack, which allows it to be housed in an enclosure half the size of previous versions.

Klik voor vergroting2M TX by LY3H


Klik voor vergroting2m TX ~2W by LY3LP


Klik voor vergroting432MHz - 144MHz mini beacon by LY3LP
On 144 MHz it is heard well within 4 meters distance. 432MHz beacon is heard good about 30cm. For easy converters/receivers testing.

Klik voor vergrotingFM Transmitter by SMØVPO
I have had requests to add a VHF FM transmitter, to the QRP collection. This project is a simple transmitter using only one crystal and will cover 145.00 to 146.00 MHz.

Klik voor vergroting by LY3LP


Klik voor vergrotingQRP TX 145 MHz by LY3LP

Klik voor vergrotingUn émetteur FM 144 Mhz expérimental de F6FEO
L'installation locale d'un relais VHF sur une fréquence incompatible avec le synthétiseur de mon ancien transceiver 144 Mhz au pas de 25 Khz, m'a amené à réaliser ce montage expérimental.

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