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2m Projekten - Ontvangers

Klik voor vergroting144 - 146 MHz superregen by LY3LP


Klik voor vergroting144 MHZ to 28 MHZ 2nd Down-Converter for AO-40 Sat by SV1BSX
On the "CAL-Ampl 31732" 2,4 GHZ Down Converter", it's possible to replace the original Xtal of 8,500 MHZ with a new 8,8125 MHZ. This way we have an output of DownConverting frequency from 2,4 GHZ to 144 MHZ.

Klik voor vergroting144MHz to 50MHz receive converter by XQ2FOD
My satellite station is centered around a Yaesu FT736 transceiver. I have it equipped for 6m, 2m, 70cm and 23cm. And then the AO-40 satellite came around, with the 13cm band ending up being its only viable downlink.

Klik voor vergroting144MHz-2M Converter by HS8JYX
A converter of this type often has its own RF amplifier, and a relatively low frequency crystal controlled oscillator, followed by frequency multipliers. This allows high sensitivity and excellent frequency stability, but is a relatively complicated and expensive item.

Klik voor vergroting145,9 MHz FET converter by LY3LP


Klik voor vergroting2m Receiver ROX-2T by G3ZOI
This receiver uses an IC variant of the TDA1083 which is used in a well known ARDF design by OK2BWN.

Klik voor vergroting2m Receiver ROX-2X by G3ZOI
* A receiver designed for receiving continuous carrier transmissions.
* Signal strength detection is from a tone s-meter, not audio volume.

Klik voor vergroting5 transistor 144MHz FM receiver by JF1OZL
In order to hear the 2m FM band, I made a simple radio. In these days I began to use the transistor having ft over 1GHz. They can make gain over 40dB when they are used on IF amplifier.

Klik voor vergrotingA 144MHz FM/SSB Receiver by DL5NEG
After I had developed a couple of shortwave and VHF-FM Receivers in my sparetime, I decided to develop an allmode receiver for the 144 MHz amateur radio band as my university graduation thesis.

Klik voor vergrotingA Complete FM Radio on a Chip by YBØAH
This is a very useful and simple Signetics single chip FM receiver Integrated circuit product I've ever found I got this late 1985 in Akhihabara Electronic Market Tokyo.

Klik voor vergrotingDirection Finding System by SMØVPO
Many years ago I decided to build myself a Direction Finding (DF) system just after I had won my first VHF "fox-hunt" with the DF-Antenna in the Cambridge & District Amateur radio Club.

Klik voor vergrotingRécepteur FM 144 Mhz de F6FEO
Voici un récepteur FM VHF très simple réalisé à l'aide de composants récupérés sur une épave de téléphone sans fil.
Il faudra y dessouder : deux circuits intégrés, le filtre à quartz 10F7.5A, un quartz 10.245 Mhz, le filtre céramique et un pot FI 455 Khz.

Klik voor vergrotingTwo Meter Converter by WN5Y
From the article "Junk-Box Converters for 6 and 2 Meters", by Rod Kreuter, WA3ENK, QST, January 1997, Page 33.

>Klik voor vergrotingVHF Regenerative Receiver by 4S7NR
Looks very simple. But need bit experiance to build this receiver. It can be tuned from 140 to 150 Mhz covering the whole 2m band. This has a Super Regenerative detector. When properly tuned the receiver is very sensitive.

Klik voor vergrotingVHF Super-Regenerative Receiver by VK2ZAY
I have started straight with the circuit out of the ARRL handbook, by Charles Kitchen N1TEV. I didn't have a 6v8 zener, or a few other part values, so I had to substitute a bit.

Klik voor vergrotingAnother VHF Super-Regenerative Receiver by VK2ZAY
Similar to my other VHF Super-Regenerative Receiver this design borrows heavily from Charles Kitchen N1TEV's various published designs.

Klik voor vergrotingVHF/UHF RX/TX Monitor by SMØVPO
It seems that many QRP circuits are all usually transmitters but I believe that receivers are quite important too. In this project you can build a SIMPLE receiver for VHF NBFM and the only active component is a diode.

Klik voor vergrotingZN414 Receivers by SMØVPO
This is a project from the dim and distant past which has proved to be a real winner. I have used it as the basis for an 8 channel proportional R/C (AM) as well as a 145MHz FM "chat box".

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