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Antenne-aanpassingen - Baluns

Klik voor vergroting1:1 Current Balun by N5ESE
Here's another handy little Altoids QRP project. For Field Day 2002, I wanted to use my new Elecraft K1 (which has an automatic antenna tuner built-in) to feed a full-wave loop on 40 meters, to use on all bands 40 - 15. To preserve the feedline balance (I used 300-ohm ladder line), I needed a balun at the output of the K1's antenna tuner. This 1:1 balun did the trick quite nicely.

Klik voor vergroting1:1 Voltage Balun for HF wire dipoles by MŘUKD
Heres a neat 1:1 50 ohm balun for use on HF horizontal wire dipoles. It uses an AM radio ferrite rod, with 3×14 turns of wire. 10-14 turns should be good for 2-30MHz. I used 18SWG enammeled copper wire. It all fits in a small project box.

Klik voor vergroting1:4 Current Balun by N5ESE
Here's yet another handy little Altoids QRP project. This makes a great travel companion to the 1:1 current balun (described -here-), and is intended to aid in tuning a balanced antenna or feedline that has a high impedance (100-600 ohms).

Klik voor vergroting9:1 Magnetic Longwire Balun / Unun by MŘUKD
These are sometimes known as a Magnetic Longwire Balun. Its really an impedance transformer (9:1) to feed a high impedance, end fed (unbalanced) random wire which is likely to be a few hundred ohms, and transform it into something closer to a 50Ω (unbalanced) coaxial input, hence UnUn.

Air Cored 1:1 Balun for 3.5 – 30.0 MHz by G8ODE
Photograph showing the COMFORT™ top cap with the 4mm screw terminals attached and the MARLEY™ Trap Adjuster end cap with the SO239 connector attached to the former with the trifilar winding. Flexible wires are attached to the 4mm screw terminals and soldered to the windings A & C ends.

Klik voor vergrotingBuild your own HF balun by EA4EOZ
A balun is a MUST for dipoles or similar antennas when they are feed with coaxial cables. Many hams connect the center conductor of the coaxial cable to one side of the dipole, and the shield to the other. Wrong!

Coax Choke Balun Designs by G8ODE
The two coaxial Choke BALUNS are constructed from 40mm plastic drain pipe using 8-10 turns of Mil Spec RG58 or MIN-8 Coax (approx 2metres) The bottom end coax is held in place with a small plastic tie-wrap. A plastic cap from a food jar is used as at the top of the BALUN.

Dual Ratio 1:1 & 4:1 Balun for 3.5 – 30.0 MHz by DB6NT
This balun has been used at 100watts with a full-sized G5RV, Windom and 40m & 20m vertical antennas. It is essential that the Amidon™ toroid is housed in a watertight box, such as an IP56 Rated box.

Klik voor vergrotingEnd Fed Half Wave Antenna Coupler (EFHW) by MŘUKD
I have been experimenting with feeding end fed half wave antennas matched by a parallel tuned circuit coupler. This article will explain my findings and reasons for constructing it the way I did.

Klik voor vergrotingHF 1:4 balun by PA3HCM
The first HF antenna I wanted to build was a Windom Antenna. This antenna required a 1:4 balun, so I made one.

Klik voor vergrotingHomemade HF Antenna Balun by AA5TB
A balun is a device that is used at the feedpoint of a balanced antenna when an unbalanced feedline is desired to feed the antenna. Balun is a contraction for BALanced to UNbalanced.

Klik voor vergrotingQRP Balun by AA5TB
I had a high permeability ferrite rod and an old B&W dipole center insulator in my junk box so I decided to construct a choke type balun for QRP use.

Klik voor vergrotingWindom baluns for kilowatt range by OH7SV
Windom balun made with Amidon ferrite toroids.
Windom balun made with surplus ferrite rods.

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