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Shack Accessoires - Morse Accessoires

Klik voor vergrotingA mini CW key by PY2OHH
We show here the project of a CW key where 90% is mechanical construction and 10% electronics (two solder junctions).

Klik voor vergrotingConverted-Mouse Paddle with a built-in Keyer by 7N3WVM
The built-in keyer is also homebrewed from scratch. ... I usually operate this paddle with the thumb and forefinger as is shown in the picture at the bottom.

Klik voor vergrotingCW keyer for foxes and beacons by PA3HCM
Beacons and foxes have to identify themselves. Although I could sit along all day with my morse key, transmitting my call, I wanted to have some automatic keyer.

Klik voor vergrotingHomebrew CW Paddles by AA5TB
I had long been needing a set of paddles for use during and field operations. In my junk box I had a switchcraft panel switch that had leaves that could be disassembled and I had thought of using it to make a set of paddles ...

Klik voor vergrotingHomebrew Paddles by LA6AKA
Here is a set of lo-tech morse code paddles that I built during a couple of days between Christmas and New Year. Don't build them yourself! They turned out to be really cruddy.

Klik voor vergrotingHomebrew Paddle with a built-in Keyer by 7N3WVM
The built-in keyer is also homebrewed from scratch. ... The rest of the space is filled with a batch of lead sheets for the anchor. A careful watcher may find that LEGO blocks are used for the knobs.

Klik voor vergrotingNB6M Paddles by NB6M
The best part about these paddles is that you can make them yourself in just a couple of hours or so, start to finish. They are made from readily available materials, and cost almost nothing to build.
http://www.amqrp.org/projects/paddle/NB6M Paddles.html

Klik voor vergrotingDouble Lever Paddle by PAØCMU
Wayne Mc Fee, NB6M created a simple and easy to build CW paddle made from PC-board. Using Wayne's idea as a foundation I designed a double lever version for iambic keying.

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