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Transistors BC-Serie - BC108

Datasheet BC108 Philips

Klik voor vergrotingMicro 80 CW transceiver by MØDAD
The Micro 80 was first designed by a Russian amateur radio operator Oleg Borodin (RV3GM). After this it became open season for amateur stations building small transceivers. It was this design that lead to the pixie transceiver. The Micro 80 was the first transceiver I have built.

Klik voor vergrotingRegenerative Receiver by SMØVPO
Whilst looking through my lab book I came accross this little receiver circuit. It looks like "kid's stuff" but it can be used for the lower HF bands and gives quite an impressive account of itself if used with a decent antenna.

Klik voor vergrotingTV Transmitter Circuit
Here's a simple schematic of a TV transmitter circuit or video transmitter circuit which is able to broadcast on VHF between 60 to 200 MHz. The input video can be from any CCD camera and VCR.

Klik voor vergrotingTwo Transistor Amp
A very simple two transistor amp circuit which can be use in any place where a little amplification of audio is required. This simple transistor amp is built around two BC108 transistors and few components.

Klik voor vergrotingTwo transistor FM transmitter
A lot of FM transmitter circuits have been already published here. This just another one, a simple two transistor FM transmitter.

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