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40m Projekten - SSB Zendontvangers

Klik voor vergroting40m DSB Transceiver by PY2OHH
4 W - 7050 TO 7130 kHz with Ceramic Resonator. This page contains only schematics who speak for themselves.


Klik voor vergroting40m SSB Transceiver door OE7LFJ
Hieronder volgt één van mijn grotere projecten die ik uitgevoerd heb. Het betreft hier een 40 meterband SSB zend-ontvanger (tranceiver) Van 7.050 tot 7.140 Mhz.

Klik voor vergroting40m SSB Transceiver modificaties door OE7LFJ
De ombouw van mijn 40 meterband transceiver van een analoog VFO naas DDS.

Klik voor vergroting7MHz SSB Transceiver by VU3PRX
The transceiver described here is remarkably simple based on popular communication building block MC1496. It is fairly simple to build because most of the functions are performed by MC1496.

Klik voor vergrotingA 40 meter SSB QRP transceiver by XQ2FOD
In the ages old Q-code formerly used in telegraphy communication, "QRP" meant "please reduce power", or, if followed by a question mark, "should I reduce power?" Well, Morse code is slowly dying out, ...

Klik voor vergrotingA Simple Dual Band SSB Transceiver by VU2ESE
A dual-band transceiver with a crisp receiver and a clean SSB signal is described. It started its life as an investigation of the excellent S7C receiver described in EMRFD.

Klik voor vergrotingANDIRÁ Transceptor 40m SSB / CW por PY2OHH
Trata-se de um transceptor que tem algumas novidades, foi um misto de bitx com ararinha, juntando o que se tem de melhor e simples em cada projeto, com pequenas modificações.

Klik voor vergrotingARARINHA #1 - Simple QRP SSB TRX 40m 4W by PY2OHH
After building the BITX, we rethink the project with integrated circuits and arrive at a surprising result. With few components we develop a simple and efficient transceiver.

Klik voor vergrotingARARINHA #2 - Simple QRP SSB TRX 40m 4W by PY2OHH
A simple transceiver QRP of SSB, with 4 Watts of output power for 40m.

Klik voor vergrotingARARINHA #4 - Simple QRP SSB TRX 40m 8W by PY2OHH
ARARINHA 4 is an evolution of project ARARINHA that it looks to be a simple radio, cheap and efficient for SSB. The components of the assembly of the radio are of easy acquisition in the Brazilian market and in we look them to place minimo of components to facilitate the assembly.

Klik voor vergroting'Beach 40' 7 MHz DSB transceiver by VK3YE
The 'Beach 40' is a simple yet practical voice transceiver for the 7 MHz amateur band. Go any simpler and it's hard to get contacts.

Klik voor vergrotingDSB 40W 40m TRANSCEIVER by PY5BE
This is the great transceiver used by our friends of South Brazil. They built 18 rigs like that (november 2004).
Because the strong signal , stability and audio quality we talk to Jair, about the circuit, mainly looking for the VXO design and he kindly send us the schematic.

Klik voor vergrotingDirect Conversion HF Transceiver with DDS by OH2NLT & OH7SV
JUMA-TRX1 is a direct conversion HF transceiver based on the previous JUMA-RX1, JUMA-TX1, JUMA-KEYER1 projects. It is driven by a stable DDS VFO.

Klik voor vergroting'Knobless Wonder' single channel 7 MHz SSB transceiver by VK3YE
The 'Knobless Wonder' is a simple fixed frequency SSB voice transceiver for the 7 MHz amateur band. It is basically the IF and audio end of a BitX.

Klik voor weergaveMARITACA - 40m DSB/CW 8W TRANSCEIVER by PY2OHH
O Maritaca tem 8 Watts de potência de saída, podendo chegar aos 12W dependendo da tensão de alimentação. Toda a recepção foi derivada do projeto do Jair pois tem um rendimento excelente.

Klik voor weergave'Micro 40' 7 MHz DSB transceiver by VK3YE
The 'Micro 40' is a simple DSB voice transceiver for the 7 MHz amateur band. A single NE602 forms both the transmitter's balanced modulator and the receiver's product detector.

Klik voor vergrotingPIXIE 2 DSB MODULATED by PY2OHH
In my might a DSB Pixie is a big challange, knowing that I had excellents results from a CW Pixie and a chance to study a DSB modulation. We come again to internet and collet more informations, now about SSB and DSB.

Klik voor vergrotingThe “Micro42” – Another “shirt pocket” SSB transceiver by DK7IH
Having deferred the work on the “micro multibander” for some time I finished another small QRP rig (this one for 7MHz) that is suitable for my summer excursions by bike or hiking the local mountains here in the State of Rhineland-Palatinate or the Black Forest that is not that far away on the other side of the Rhine valley.

Klik voor vergrotingThe VK3YE Micro 40 DSB Transceiver by AA7EE
At this point of course, I was committed, and set about building what I hoped would be the first DSB rig I’d build from scratch that would actually work. I have made a few changes to VK3YE’s schematic, and will describe them here.

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