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Thoughts of a Dutch radio amateur

Review – BTech DMR-6X2  View ?

by John ‘Miklor’  K3NXU Several Dual Band DMR handhelds have been introduced into the market in the past few months. Having owned most of them, I would have to place this one toward the very top of the list. The … Continue reading

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(30/03/2019 @ 21:35)
Review – BTech AMP-25 series for Analog & DMR  View ?

by John ‘Miklor’ K3NXU The  AMP-25  series  VHF / UHF Amplifiers The recently announced BTech Digital and Analog amplifier series puts a whole new spin on mobile operation. It performs more like a mobile than it does a power amp. … Continue reading

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(27/02/2018 @ 04:14)
Review – Connect Systems CS-580 DMR Tier II  View ?

by John ‘Miklor’ K3NXU CS-580 The Connect Systems CS-580 is a feature packed band UHF DMR handheld with dual mode (FM) capability. Currently, there is only a UHF version, used for this evaluation.  There is a VHF version also in … Continue reading

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(24/11/2016 @ 20:40)
Review – BTech APRS-K2 Cable (TRRS/APRS)  View ?

by John ‘Miklor’ APRS-K2 It’s long overdue, but there’s finally a TRRS/APRS cable available for radios using a standard Kenwood style K2 connector. I’ve been wanting to get involved with APRS for a while now, and this made it extremely easy. … Continue reading

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(14/11/2016 @ 03:35)
  View ?

by John ‘Miklor‘ . . UV-5X3 Although the case design is familiar, the radio inside is not.  BTech has recently introduced the new UV-5X3 to the US Ham Radio market.  This radio is a true triband transceiver with internal filters … Continue reading

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(19/08/2016 @ 20:53)
  View ?

by John ‘Miklor’ Four years after its initial design, the VGC 6600PRO has evolved into the BTech UV-50X3, a full featured Tri-Band mobile that delivers a full 50W on VHF and UHF, with addition of a 220 MHz module that … Continue reading

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(05/08/2016 @ 19:11)
Build your Own Programming Cable  View ?

by John ‘Miklor’ K3NXU Frustrated with that generic programming cable? This $2 solution might just be your ticket to sanity. Let’s See… You purchased a radio and programming cable, loaded the software, and that’s as far as you’ve gotten. You’re … Continue reading

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(21/08/2015 @ 16:03)
Review – Pofung (Baofeng) UV-82HP  View ?

by John ‘Miklor’ K3NXU Not just a Power Upgrade The new UV-82HP is not just a power upgrade, but a combination of all major features of both the UV82 and UV5R series in one package. What’s in the Box – … Continue reading

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(18/06/2015 @ 17:57)
(05/04/2015 @ 20:29)
Inverted High Frequency Loss with LMR-450G  View ?

By John ‘Miklor’ K3NXU PERFORMANCE  TESTS  –  LMR-450G The recently announced LMR-450G cable has aroused much curiosity since its characteristics have not been collectively available by any one source.  By multiple inquiries to several manufactures (only three at this time) … Continue reading

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(01/04/2015 @ 08:32)

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