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HF Propagation


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Friends News - The DXZone.com

The DXZone.com Amateur Radio Internet Guide

Latest articles, reviews and links posted to The DXZone.com, an amateur radio, cb radio, scanning and shortwave radio, reference site

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 1928  View ?

F5RDS remote antenna tuner, The Great Ham Radio Desk Project, Homemade Magnetic loops antennas by F5RDS, QRPparts, RADIG Hombrew Software Defined Radio Project, Ham radio shack desk project, Omega Radio, 3 element Yagi Antenna On-line Caluclator, Score Distributor - Ham Radio Contest Score Forwarder,

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(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
IC-7610 vs FTdx-101D Head to Head Review  View ?

Head to Heat comparison review - ICOM IC-7610 vs Yaesu FTdx-101D
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 1927  View ?

How to build a Coax Balun 1:4 and 1:1, An Automatic Antenna Tuner , HG7AN Antenna Analyzer, F5RDS remote station setup, Unun vs Balun - Configurations and differences, G0HWC New Ham Shack, World Wide Digi DX Contest
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
ICOM IC-705 Official Video  View ?

ICOM IC-705 English video presentation of the new QRP transceiver by ICOM
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
ICOM IC-R20  View ?

IC-R20 by Icom. Wideband Receiver Professional radioreceiver, allow double receiver, from HF to Microwave, digital recorde, DTCS, Memories and 11 hours countinuous reception.
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Amateur Radio - State of the Hobby - Survery  View ?

Ham Radio/Demographics
Annual poll for radio amateurs - the good, the bad, the ugly! This is an annual survey conducted among the online community, and it represents the status of amateur radio. The authors ask to hams several questions, from the most used operating modes, to the typical ham radio lifestyle habits.

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(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
The Cubical Quad is Beautiful  View ?

An interesting page about Quad antennas. Modelling QUAD antennas, comparing quad antennas to yagi antennas. Information on QUAD Antenna tuning and home brewing with help on calculating dimensions and tuning.
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
WA3TFS Projects, Circuit Boards and Kits for Amateur Radio  View ?

Shopping and Services/Kits and Components
Details on projects by WA3TFS published in QST magazine over the past few years. Includes an online shop with several ham radio kits, circuit boards, simple SDR transceivers

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(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Quad Antenna On-line Calculator  View ?

Antennas/Antenna Calculators
Cubical Quad Antenna On-line Calculator helps on defining the size of each element and spreader. Simply give the resonating frequency and it will calculate size of each element.
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
miniVNA PRO Modifications  View ?

Technical Reference/Vector Network Analyzer
The mini Radio Solutions miniVNA PRO is the only affordable vector network analyser (VNA) I know of that offers remote wireless operation. This is very interesting because it allows to measure the input impedance of HF antennas installed at height without having to deal with coax cable lengths, baluns nor common mode suppression chokes. However, to render the miniVNA PRO truly field proof, it requires a number of significant modifications.

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(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
A Collins 75A-4 Restoration  View ?

Antique Radios/Repair and Restoration
This page details the restoration of an early production Collins 75A-4 Amateur Band Receiver that had previously been vandalized.
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Bergendorffs Radiomuseum  View ?

Antique Radios/Museums
Bergendorffs Radiomuseum Radio Collection, images and technical data on various devices that are in the collections.
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Icchipword  View ?

Shopping and Services/Electronic Components
ICChip, as an electronics-guide website, provides you with the industry professional electronic components data sheets, parameters, packaging and brand manufacturer information, as well as product-risk assessment and control, other environmental conflict mineral procurement and reporting solutions. Hope these semiconductors and electronic components data in each document can solve your problems and meet your requirements.

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(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Daki Funkversand  View ?

Shopping and Services/Regional/Europe/Germany
Daki Funkversand is a German based web shop for Amateur- & CB-Radio equipment. Our shop includes products such as radios, antennas, equipment, PMR, LPD & Freenet.

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(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
TE Systems 6 Meter Amplifier Review  View ?

Technical Reference/Amplifiers/VHF Amplifiers
TE Systems 0510G 50 MHz meter amplifier set up for 10 watts in and 170 watts out.
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

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